The Eyes of a Dog

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While secondary to the nose for the dog, the eyes are an incredibly fascinating feature of our canine companions. We’ve all wondered at least once how our dogs see the world (or why they inexplicably bark at nothing). Take a … Continued

The Nutrition of Vision

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Image from Eyeballs Are Crazy When I found out I needed glasses, I was a little nervous to go get my eyes checked. All I could picture was some person in a long white coat poking and prodding my … Continued

Dad Jokes: Animal Edition

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  yay dads! Happy Father’s Day to all the fantastic dads out there! We’ll always appreciate your punny humor and how we could come to you for a ‘yes’ after Mom said ‘no’. Thanks for all the support and life … Continued

Look for Herbsmith in the June SaddleBox!

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Great news! We’ve partnered up with SaddleBox for the month of June to send subscribers some of our (really awesome) Sound Horse Liniment. SaddleBox is a monthly subscription box chock-full of treats and supplements, grooming products, and fun things for horse-lovers and their horses. Here’s … Continued


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Moms are the best.   They play with us     They snuggle with us     They put up with our shenanigans…   Time…   After time…   After time…     They teach us important things     … Continued

Scootin’ Dogs

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  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of bowel health. There are elements of an animal’s behind that are really important to understand when looking at the larger scale of the digestive system (though they may not be so … Continued

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