Omegas: The Key to a Shiny Coat

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The Story of Oils Oils have long been used for maintaining hydrated skin. They are a natural way to restore moisture to the surface of the body, promoting health skin and a shiny coat. Oils are derived from fats, which … Continued

Milk Thistle: Liver’s Super Sidekick

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If you’re familiar with herbal supplements, you’ve likely heard of Milk Thistle. Sometimes considered a weed, milk thistle presents a wide array of benefits for the human and animal body alike. It’s traditionally native to Southern Europe and Asia but … Continued

The Hunt for Food Allergens

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While we cannot so easily control inhalant allergens like pollen, dust mites, mold, or grasses, we do have much more control over what foods our animals eat. If your dog seems unusually itchy or uncomfortable on a day to day … Continued

Food Energetics

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For the allergic dog, food is medicine. Some foods have cooling properties, while others are warming. Animals experience allergies may benefit from a diet that is concentrated with cooling or neutral foods. These types of food can help bring down … Continued

Allergy Management: Western vs. Eastern

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(If you haven’t already, check out our precursor post – Boiling Over: An Intro to Allergies) If you’ve ever been around an allergic dog, it’s difficult not to empathize with his discomfort: constantly itching to the point of scratching himself … Continued

Boiling Over: An Intro to Allergies

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As spring approaches, some pet parents will grow increasingly anxious about their pet’s comfort level. Dogs and cats can experience allergies just as humans can (and yes, it can be equally as miserable). Animals can develop allergies to a variety … Continued

How it works: Dog Breath

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Since it’s Dental Health Month and we’ve been promoting our Dog Breath, we thought it might be a good time to give you the low-down on how our product works. (Bear in mind, this is mostly imaginative illustration… but we … Continued

11 Smooches From Your Fluffy Valentine

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It’s Valentine’s Day! The mushy-gushy holiday full of flowers, chocolates, and kisses for some (and lots and lots of wine for others 😉). Whatever our relationship status today, we can all relish in the sweet, sweet love of our fluffy friends. … Continued

The Cognitive Health of Aging Pets

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We have a wonderful population of geriatric dogs, in part due to the work of so many wonderful people–owners, retailers, veterinarians, and scientists–who have gone above and beyond to provide the best care for our beloved pets. Our pets are … Continued

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