Much Ado About Poo

I had a mischievous chocolate lab named Iz who once ate several multi-colored water balloons. Don’t ask me what motivated her, because I still scratch my head at the things she deemed edible. She pooped balloons for a week. I know because I diligently stood watch every time she squatted … Read More

Gastro Tell(s) All

The gastrointestinal system of a dog is a magically complex place filled with wonder (and poop, assuming your pup is regular) likened to a well-oiled machine when it’s functioning properly. If I had a magical school bus I’d take this time to say, “hold your hats!” and then we’d shrink … Read More


Dr. Bessent Talks Skin & Coat Health Why We Use What We Use Salmon oil is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids but it has its drawbacks. Because it’s higher on the food chain, harmful toxins can be far more concentrated in a salmon’s body due to a … Read More

Calming New Year Nerves

We love to send the past year out with a bang, but this can sometimes prove to be more stressful than celebratory for our dogs. It’s smart to assess beforehand whether or not you think the New Year festivities will translate into a frightened fluffer (and prepare for it ahead of time). … Read More

5 Tips For A Happy Dog This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for so many people across America. We love it, too! Amazing food PLUS time with family and friends celebrating and reminiscing over all the good that’s happened during the past year. For this Thanksgiving, we have some ideas for including your pup in the festivities … Read More

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