A vet-formulated innovation providing a better approach to skin health.

100% Product Quality Guarantee.



100% Product Quality Guarantee.

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The Essentials To Skin & Coat Health

Help your pet nourish and hydrate their skin for a solid foundation of skin and coat health.

A Crucial Addition To Every Carnivore’s Bowl

with Benefits for Every Age, Size and Breed

Strengthen skin integrity and build a foundation of skin health with clean sources of Omegas and skin & coat-supporting herbs.


“When I order they are always on time sending my products.”

- Google Verified Review

“I’m so happy with how silky my dogs fur is now. I noticed a huge improvement in just a week! She no longer has dry, brittle fur! My biggest concern was that each summer my dog will get seasonal hot spots, but since taking Herbsmith Glimmer all of her spots have cleared and I haven’t seen a spot in over two months! I highly recommend these treats, were almost out so we will be buying more soon!! Also, my dog LOVES these treats.”


“I used Glimmer with my two dogs for about a month and I noticed after even just 2 weeks of giving them a few treats per day that my dogs’ fur was glossier and healthier. The supplements never caused any digestive issues in my french bulldog who is normally pretty sensitive to new treats. And on top of that both of my dogs LOVED the taste. Herbsmith is a great company all around and they are very receptive to questions and they are super great with one on one interactions on their instagram. 10/10 i plan to order more soon!”


“This product truly made a difference in our pup’s coat! We live in dry Colorado, so our dog’s fur is typically rough and dehydrated, however, after a couple weeks of giving her 2 treats a day, her fur was so much softer and silkier. We would definitely recommend this product if your dog’s fur needs some extra love.”


“I give this product to my one year old Shiba Inu and I must say it does wonders for her coat. I hardly have to give her a bath and her coat is always silky smooth and she doesn’t have a “dog smell” after I started giving this to her. It also got rid of the dandruff that she had, which is nice! I would highly recommend this product.”


When will my order ship?

All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.

How long does it take to get an order?

Orders arrive in 3-6 business days from when they are sent.

What is the 100% Product Quality Guarantee?

We stand behind the quality of each and every product that goes out our doors. If the product you receive isn’t quite up to snuff, please reach out.

Make a Radical Change with Omega 3

Omega 3 offer huge benefits for your pet from correcting dry, itchy skin to preventing inflammation.