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Glimmer comes in a chew, so you can give it just as you would a treat! You can also add the chew to their bowl or crush it up and sprinkle it over their food.

Absolutely! Omega fatty acids come from a dog’s diet because they can’t produce them on their own. Glimmer is an ideal source of essential Omega 3 and 6 that dogs need for skin and coat health so give them a tasty chew daily! 

Product Contents

This depends squarely on your pet’s weight. Head to the shop page to use the calculator. You’ll get an estimate based on your whisker-toter’s weight.

Quality & Safety

Absolutely! We recommend the small chews.

Yes! Glimmer is a great source of daily Omega 3’s and 6’s, so all ages benefit, including puppies and kittens! 

Absolutely! We recommend adding Glimmer to all Herbsmith regimens.  

Product Benefits

With clean Omega 3s from algae, krill and anchovy and Omega-6 fatty acids with GLA from evening primrose and borage oil, Glimmer promotes skin integrity. Once your pup’s skin is hydrated and healthier, those luscious locks have all the nutrients they need to grow. 

You bet. Hot spots are painful, oozy and itchy, so it makes sense your poor pup can’t or won’t leave them alone. Glimmer promotes skin integrity by supplementing clean sources of Omega 3s and 6s so those hot spots can heal. For complete support, consider combining Clear AllerQi for long-term relief.

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All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.

Orders arrive in 3-6 business days from when they are sent.

We stand behind the quality of each and every product that goes out our doors. If the product you receive isn’t quite up to snuff, please reach out.


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