Posted October 2017 by Joslin Lee

Right now, it's up to the informed pet owner to discern if a glucosamine supplement actually has helpful levels of glucosamine. Nobody regulates the gap between "some" and "enough", and that's a real problem!


Posted September 2017 by Joslin Lee

Joints serve two (very opposite) purposes: flexibility & rigidness. Like push puppets that collapse when you press their buttons, but stiffen when released.

Supporting joint health featured photo

Posted January 2017 by Joslin Lee

Humans & animals alike deal with joint discomfort. It's a common musculoskeletal issue that can result from a lack of nutrients or from fierce & frequent play

holistic medicine: proactive vs. reactive featured photo (jack russell mix licking nose)

Posted August 2017 by Joslin Lee

Being a holistically-minded company ourselves, we wanted to take a look at the differences between traditional and holistic veterinary practices.

Herbsmith's Top Three Products for Dogs featured photo

Posted April 2017 by Joslin Lee

So you saw our top three for cats, but you don't really care because you have a dog. Well, here they are: 1. Microflora Plus 2. Sound Dog Viscosity 3. Glimmer