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Every Pet Needs Vital Omega 3 & 6

These essential nutrients work in tandem to nourish the skin to strengthen its integrity for a foundation of skin health.

Giving your pets essential nutrients is as easy as adding Glimmer to the bowl.

Omega 3s & So Much More

Rich in omega-fatty-acids like EPA, DHA, & GLA, and skin-supporting herbs, Glimmer can support skin & coat health by restoring moisture to the surface for long-term skin health.

A Completely New Approach

to Skin Health

Using a different approach to skin & coat health, Glimmer features clean sources of Omegas as well as skin & coat-supporting herbs.

Featuring fish oils (anchovy and krill) from the bottom of the food chain as well as DHA from algae, borage and evening primrose oil, and polygonum root and black sesame seeds–It’s a clean and natural way to nourish the skin and coat.

Huge Benefits

for All Dogs and Cats

Every single dog and cat needs Omega 3 & 6 because they can’t produce them on their own.

Whether you want to support their skin and coat health or your pet is dealing with occasional dry skin, adding it to the bowl will have a positive impact on your pet’s health & wellbeing.

Pure, Authentic, & Safe For Skin Health​

We only partner with vendors that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and who have stringent standards. But we still have quality control measures of our own in place– a trust but verify approach.

“I feel good knowing all the fantastic benefits my 16-year-old gets just by adding Glimmer to the bowl...”

Nourish Your Pet’s Skin & Coat

Build a foundation of skin health with essential Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and age-old herbs.