From DIY raw to kibble, the nutritional standard is a one-size-fits-all mentality, and it’s worn out.

We know every dog and cat is different. Not just the shape of their ears or the length of their tails, but their predispositions, metabolisms, personalities– and we know that we can do so much more.

It’s not just about adding ingredients to the bowl either. Putting a splash of bone broth or kefir does not give a dog all that his joints need, or a cat enough probiotics for a balanced gut biome. 

To truly have a positive impact on your pet’s health, you need to curate the bowl for your dog and cat.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all world and we’re going to prove it by curating the bowl to redefine what “healthy” looks like for a cat and dog.

A Tenured Thought Leader at the Helm

Dr. Bessent is the Herbsmith. She realized early on that the pet industry was satisfied with meeting the bare minimums. She knew animals needed so much more and she was optimistic about the fact that pet parents would wholeheartedly agree. So, she’s been on a mission to reshape those norms.

Reshaping the Standard of Healthy

Our mission keeps us focused, our vision guides us, and what we stand for determines how we succeed.

The Future of Care

Unprecedented Innovation

When there aren’t solutions available, Dr. Bessent creates them. Every innovation created serves a purpose and caters to an animal’s specific needs.

In simple terms, she creates solutions that work to provide a personalized approach to health.

Tailored Nutrition

Targeted Antioxidants
Signature Nutrients
Hand-Picked Herbs

Curating the bowl is going to have the greatest impact on your dog and cat’s health because these innovations were designed to do just that. Every ingredient was curated by Dr. Bessent, picked specifically to address a particular need of an animal.

A Community Dedicated to Change

A Love of Animals
Unites Us

Tail-waggers are at the heart of everything we do. Our dogs will always get shotgun. Dog hair is a garnish. We intentionally leave a variety of empty boxes and paper bags around the house for our cat’s enjoyment. We aren’t alone in this. We are all part of something bigger. Our profound love for animals will move the world and create change, one dog and cat at a time.

Uniquely Wisconsin

We’re owned and operated in Wisconsin and what you’ve heard is true.

Midwesterners are painfully nice, we go above and beyond to help, and it carries over into everything we do.

From the safety and quality measures taken to the customer service we provide, we approach every part of the process with an authenticity instilled in us by our midwestern roots.

We’re proud to say we’re Wisconsin through and through.


Crafted in

Made in
Small Batches

Highest Quality

3rd-Party Quality

Responsibly Sourced

Authenticity and purity are a crucial step in sourcing, but the biggest priority is safety. That’s why we only partner with vendors that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We pair with reputable vendors who comply with stringent standards, but there are still quality control measures of our own in place– trust but verify approach.

We also partner with suppliers who put conservation at the forefront of their operations. One of our suppliers created a cutting-edge technology called Eco-harvesting, which prevents unnecessary by-catch of birds and sea life to prioritize sustainability efforts.

Backed by the


You won’t see this seal on every brand because the seal of approval is only granted to companies able to exceed stringent standards set by their oversight program.

cGMP Facility

A cGMP facility isn’t just a bragging right. It’s a guarantee to you that every product is safe. And with an experienced veterinarian leading the charge, we have the utmost control over every step in the process so that safety and quality always remain our top priorities.

Curate Your Pet’s Bowl with Herbsmith

We want to get you curating the bowl, so tell us a bit about your pet and their bowl, and we will see you on the other side with personalized Herbsmith recommendations to curate the bowl.