the best of dog and cat gifs blog post

The best of dog AND cat GIFs

Sure, there are definitely decided dog people in the world, as there are decided cat people in the world; but there’s nothing wrong with not being able to choose (and we definitely don’t blame you if you can’t!). After all, they’re both so friendly, loving, and adorable. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to dogs AND cats… hanging out together and loving life 🙂


Here are the best of the best dog and cat GIFs:

1. Dogs and cats get along great

They definitely always want to be together – it’s practically like they’re attached at the hip!




The cat would never shut the door on the dog…         


2. They have common interests

Look at this image of true fun and friendship. The pup sits, uninterested and chewing his bone; and the kitty jumps all over his head. Now that’s love!


3. They tell each other how it is

Aw! This little Dachshund just wants to play, but the kitty is just like “No. Not today.”


4. They don’t hold grudges against each other

Sure, a cat fight or two may take place once in a while, but the bond between dogs and cats stays the same. There’s never really any grudges held in this relationship (even if it’s because the dog just relentlessly asks the kitty for love…).


5. After all, smacks are really just love taps


6. When cats and dogs come together, you really can’t deny the cuteness



7. But when the cuteness stops, it is back to business

Have you ever been stared down by a cat? If you have, we’re sure you agree. Honestly, we don’t blame this pup from turning right back around, ha-ha!


8. Don’t worry though, it always comes back again <3

We challenge you to find something more adorable than this King Charles Cavalier puppy and his kitty best friend! Hint: we bet you can’t.


9. They eventually become one big happy family


…and share what is arguably the best snuggles in the entire world!

10. At the end of the day, pets just want to have fun!

And they know how to get fun done, together! There’s nothing like a good game of chess with your best furry friend.

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