top 3 Herbsmith products for dogs

Our Top 3 Picks for Dogs

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So you saw our top three for cats, but you don’t really care because you have a dog. Well, calm down now because we have our top three picks for dogs comin’ right up! Here are the three supplements we think are best for the pooch just starting out with Herbsmith:

  1. Microflora Plus
  2. Sound Dog Viscosity
  3. Glimmer


1. Microflora Plus

We love this product obviously, because we also recommend it for our kitty friends. Great for dogs who have soft stool, gurgley guts, or bad gas, Microflora can help restore proper digestive and bowel function. With probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and herbs that support digestion, this supplement can help maintain a healthy intestinal tract and gut flora. You can read more about digestive health here.

If your familiar with that little toot sound when your dog jumps off the couch, or the putrid smell harassing your nostrils as your dog stares innocently into your eyes, Microflora is a great option. If your familiar with the “grrrbhulrrigrrlibymig” sound while you’re using your pooch as a pillow, Microflora is a great option. If your dog gets diarrhea often (I won’t try to over-explain this one. You’re welcome), then yes, Microflora is a great option. If your dog’s friends are constantly eating your dog’s poo, Microflora is a great option. If you’ve never experience the “joy” of any of these things, Microflora is still a great option (so you can avoid experiencing them).

Learn from Lindsey (whose dog is the face of this product for a reason):




2. Sound Dog Viscosity

This formula is great for dogs of all activity levels, as its main purpose is to help maintain the viscosity of joint fluid. It’s a glucosamine-based supplement that also contains chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid, and herbs, which can ultimately help with the lubrication of joints, maintenance of connective tissue, and reduction of uncomfortable inflammation. (Feel free to circle back to our joint health post for more info). And, from now through May, you can get 60ct and 120ct small chews buy one, get one 50% off. 

The thing is, with glucosamine-based joint supplements, there’s often not an adequate amount of glucosamine in a single serving to even reach therapeutic levels. While any product with glucosamine can be advertised as a glucosamine-based formula, its important to ensure that the dosage actually has enough of the active ingredient to take effect on your pet. With Sound Dog Viscosity, we’ve taken that into account! Consider the difference between our product and another:


3. Glimmer

A different approach to skin and coat health. We feature oils (anchovy and krill) from the bottom of the food chain as well as DHA from algae, borage and evening primrose oil, and polygonum root and black sesame seeds. Rich in omega fatty acids, this supplement helps to support skin and coat health. With EPA, DHA, and GLA, Glimmer maintains the skin’s normal moisture content and may help tame seasonal shedding. Glimmer may also lend a helping hand during allergy season.

The face of Glimmer is Gonza, who has the softest, shiniest coat you’ll ever see! Take it from her owner (and our Operations Manager) Robert:


And of course we offer many other supplements and treats for dogs. For starters, you can check out our Wellness for All Dogs line to see what we recommend for the overall wellbeing of our dog friends. We also have condition specific formulas that may help with a more distinct issue. For example, we recently introduced our Scooters Butt Bars, which are crazy helpful for dogs who scoot (check out our post about anal sac health while you’re at it).