The Nutrition of Vision

Image from Eyeballs Are Crazy When I found out I needed glasses, I was a little nervous to go get my eyes checked. All I could picture was some person in a long white coat poking and prodding my eyeball while I laid screaming in helpless agony. Obviously that’s … Read More

The Fourth Isn’t Fun for Everyone

There’s no question that the Fourth of July is one of the most festive days of the year in the United States, filled with beaches, barbecues, friends, family, and who could forget the awe-inspiring fireworks displays. But did you know that more pets run away on the Fourth of July … Read More

Scootin’ Dogs

  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of bowel health. There are elements of an animal’s behind that are really important to understand when looking at the larger scale of the digestive system (though they may not be so pleasant to talk about). Dogs and cats have anal sacs: … Read More

Digestive Health

You are what you eat. We’re familiar with this saying because our moms would always so graciously interject it whilst we gobbled down a sleeve of cookies and half a bag of chips. While it’s easy to shrug off, I challenge you to really ponder what this means. We’ve all pictured … Read More

Bladder Health

How It All Begins: An animal eats some food The animal’s body digests the food Through digestion, the food is absorbed into the blood stream The process of digestion causes the liver to produce ammonia, which combines with other elements in the body (like carbon, hydrogen & oxygen) creating a … Read More

The Bottom of the Food Chain

Salmon and salmon oil are often the first foods recommended for a daily dose of Omega 3. Being high in protein, potassium, Vitamin B and EPA/DHA (two active forms of Omega 3), salmon is indeed a great source for a lot of good stuff! While we’re not here to pick … Read More

Omegas: The Key to a Shiny Coat

The Story of Oils Oils have long been used for maintaining hydrated skin. They are a natural way to restore moisture to the surface of the body, promoting health skin and a shiny coat. Oils are derived from fats, which have a complex family tree. Saturated fats break off into … Read More

Milk Thistle: Liver’s Super Sidekick

If you’re familiar with herbal supplements, you’ve likely heard of Milk Thistle. Sometimes considered a weed, milk thistle presents a wide array of benefits for the human and animal body alike. It’s traditionally native to Southern Europe and Asia but has since spread around the globe. Often used in its … Read More

The Hunt for Food Allergens

While we cannot so easily control inhalant allergens like pollen, dust mites, mold, or grasses, we do have much more control over what foods our animals eat. If your dog seems unusually itchy or uncomfortable on a day to day basis (even during the seasons in which environmental allergies aren’t … Read More

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