Food Energetics

For the allergic dog, food is medicine. Some foods have cooling properties, while others are warming. Animals experience allergies may benefit from a diet that is concentrated with cooling or neutral foods. These types of food can help bring down inflammation and decrease the excessive amounts of heat in the … Read More

Allergy Management: Western vs. Eastern

(If you haven’t already, check out our precursor post – Boiling Over: An Intro to Allergies) If you’ve ever been around an allergic dog, it’s difficult not to empathize with his discomfort: constantly itching to the point of scratching himself raw, endless panting, a greasy coat that postpones belly rubs. … Read More

Boiling Over: An Intro to Allergies

As spring approaches, some pet parents will grow increasingly anxious about their pet’s comfort level. Dogs and cats can experience allergies just as humans can (and yes, it can be equally as miserable). Animals can develop allergies to a variety of allergens, whether from food, inhalants, or contact. Often times, … Read More

How it works: Dog Breath

Since it’s Dental Health Month and we’ve been promoting our Dog Breath, we thought it might be a good time to give you the low-down on how our product works. (Bear in mind, this is mostly imaginative illustration… but we think it gets the main points across)   Step 1: … Read More

The Cognitive Health of Aging Pets

  We have a wonderful population of geriatric dogs, in part due to the work of so many wonderful people–owners, retailers, veterinarians, and scientists–who have gone above and beyond to provide the best care for our beloved pets. Our pets are living longer than ever seen before. With this aging … Read More

Stanky Dog Breath & Dental Health

You’re relaxing on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and your pup runs over to snuggle ya. He leaps up on the couch, plops his fanny right next to yours and lovingly pants with his face two inches from yours. With each puff of the hot, sticky air grazing … Read More

Canine Anxiety & Occasional Nervousness

Because herbal supplements work over a period of time, it may take a few weeks or even months to notice a calmer pet. And while a happier, less anxious pet is definitely worth the wait, there are some situations that call for a more immediate solution. Herbs like valerian, chamomile, … Read More

Canine Anxiety & Perpetual Nervousness

Every dog carries its own set of personality traits: its likes, dislikes, wants and fears. However, certain dogs may carry more of the fear trait, causing them to be more anxious and easily excitable. As always with overexcited dogs, there are multiple things that may be fully or partially responsible … Read More

He’s just bored!

We’ve been there… You come home from a long day of work, ready to pop your feet up and relax with your pooch. As you crack open the door, your heart almost falls out your butt…  Stuffing. Everywhere.  Three pairs of shoes in pieces.  Carpet fibers sprinkled about like confetti.  … Read More

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