To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate… The vast majority of people want to do what is right for their pets. With the recent and abundant information about over-vaccination in animals comes the need for alternatives. One alternative: titer testing. But just what is titer testing and what all does it … Read More

Why do cats hate water?

Not all cats have an aversion to water, but for most, bathtubs and unexpected swims are likely last on the list of enjoyable things. But why does an animal that spends nearly half of it’s life cleaning itself seem to hate water so much? Here are a few reasons that … Read More

Is my cat dehydrated?

Your kitty may be 100% sass, but physically she’s 80% water (or she should be). Cats are especially prone to dehydration, which happens when their percentage of water drops below normal levels. Though its much more obvious when a dog may need water because of panting, cats don’t always wear … Read More

The Point of the Joint

Joints Have Two Duties The joint is where two bones meet and can be a fairly vulnerable place in the body. This is because it serves dual purpose: it must allow for maximum movement, flexion, and extension, but it also must remain stacked to maintain support of limbs and load … Read More

Holistic Medicine: Proactive vs. Reactive Care

Happy National Holistic Pet Day! The difference between holistic medicine and traditional medicine is really the difference between proactive care and reactive care (and its really up to the preference of the patient to decide which route to take). Traditional Care (Reactive) Traditional medicine is focused on dealing with issues … Read More

DNA Testing: What Gives?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes: small dogs and giant dogs, short dogs and tall dogs, dogs with tail nubbins, dogs with webbed toes, and dogs with flat faces. There are lap dogs and floor dogs, athletes and couch potatoes, and even dogs with very specific skillsets (like the … Read More

The Eyes of a Dog

While secondary to the nose for the dog, the eyes are an incredibly fascinating feature of our canine companions. We’ve all wondered at least once how our dogs see the world (or why they inexplicably bark at nothing). Take a gander at these five interesting facts about the canine eye: … Read More

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