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Prioritizing Dental Care Can Be Difficult

We know the struggle of brushing your dog’s teeth, spraying, and costly dental cleanings, so we’re approaching oral health in a new way.

Your dog’s daily routine can be as simple as tossing a Dental Treat before bed.

For Bad Breath & Tartar Buildup

Everyone appreciates minty doggie kisses but long-term oral health is so much more than an occasional breath mint.

Dog Breath provides a whole new way to tackle tartar for complete oral care.

The Power of Proactive Care

You brush your teeth every day, twice a day because you want to keep your pearly whites. The same is true for your dog.

Every dog, no matter their age, size, or breed, should get into the same nightly routine. The best part– you just have to toss a Dental Treat and it does all of the work.

Skip the Brushing

Toss a treat

Every single dog can benefit from dental treats like Dog Breath at any age. Dog Breath makes implementing a daily dental routine quick and easy. No brushing. No spraying. No struggle. Just a fun-to-eat treat.

Pure, Authentic, & Safe

We only partner with vendors that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and who have stringent standards. But we still have quality control measures of our own in place– a trust but verify approach.

“I feel good knowing all the fantastic benefits my 16-year-old gets just by adding Dog Breath to the bowl...”

For Fresher Breath and A Healthier Mouth

Take a proactive approach and fight bad breath and tartar buildup for long-term dental health.