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Just toss a treat before bed, make sure they crunch them, and let the ingredients do the rest.

You could add just a thin layer of peanut butter to the dental treat to entice him. Once he is open to the idea of munching on them, you can nix the peanut butter all together.  

Just be sure to choose a peanut butter made without xylitol.

The number of dental treats varies by bag because they are packaged by weight. So, a large bag would last a 40+ pound pup, between 30-45 days.

The number of dental treats varies by bag because they are packaged by weight. So, a small bag would last a pup under 40 pounds 30-45 days!

Product Contents

Approximately 29 calories per small Dog Breath dental treat.

Approximately 34 calories per large Dog Breath dental treat.



Quality & Safety

While we applaud your efforts to get a daily dental routine started, we suggest waiting till dogs are 6 months old. Adult teeth should officially be in at that age and then every size and breed of tail-wagger can benefit!

Absolutely! Dogs of all sizes and breeds, and practically every age (see above), can benefit from Dog Breath.

Product Benefits

Tartar is basically layer upon layer of biofilm. Sea algae also happen to have a slimy biofilm on their surface and have a natural, protective mechanism called osmosis to break it down. Using the osmotic properties of sea algae in Dog Breath, the chews go to work breaking down tartar buildup. 

Orders & Shipping

All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.

Orders arrive in 3-6 business days from when they are sent.

We stand behind the quality of each and every product that goes out our doors. If the product you receive isn’t quite up to snuff, please reach out.

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