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“Quote from video........."

"Hands down one of the best supplements we give Drogon! 🙌🏼"

"Herbsmith's Microflora product not only does it contain probiotics but it also has prebiotics, enzymes and herbs to support proper digestion and bowel health. I sprinkle 2 capsules a day in Drogon’s meal and he eats it without a problem."

- Drogon

“Digestive support helped make the change easy!”

"We had a food change! Due to my brother dropping 10lbs! Mom said we all are not eating 3 different foods! Herbsmith's digestive support helped make the change easy! So excited to try more of these products!"

- @wickedpit_thetit

“Happy gut = happy doggo”

"Thinking about gut health. 🤔 It's no fun to have an upset stomach, especially when this time if year we may be indulging in more or different kinds of goodies than normal.🍪🍩🍰 Microflora Plus (Probiotic/ Prebiotics and Enzymes) from @herbsmithinc helps the intestines and supports digestion. We use it daily but I'm especially glad to have it when Malibu gets treats her tummy may not normally have around the holidays. I also love it comes in capsules so I can have it on hand when visiting friends and family. Happy gut = happy doggo."


“I can’t recommend this product enough!”

"💩 Talk... Everyone know potty training a puppy is never fun. When I first got Willa I felt like she was going 💩 every time we went outside and never regular. Which when trying to potty train, didn’t make things any easy. She was on a raw diet and switch her to smaller meals throughout the day which still did nothing. I ordered Microflora Plus for the boys and I’d give them a try with her too. Within a week a started to notice a difference. She was more regular and going a lot less!! I can’t recommend this product enough!"

- @willagonewild

“Just one capsule a day sprinkled on his food and he is good to go!”

"Mom has been looking for some probiotics for me and we think we found the pawfect ones! Herbsmith's Microflora Plus is a probiotic and prebiotic that also contains enzymes and herbs! All this helps to keep my poo💩💩💩 regular! Just one capsule a day sprinkled on his food and he is good to go! 👊👊👊"

- @thorbullyboy

“This keeps things firm!”

"My dog walker recommended this after one of my pugs had some sort of intestinal issue (they never did figure it out)... and I have another pug who has always had bouts of very mucousy BMs. So, I went ahead and tried this. WOW... if there was a such thing as really good lookin' poops, I'd say my dogs have them. This keeps things firm! And I have not seen mucus since I started using this, which is really a miracle, cuz she had them very regularly for 5 years. And it seems like their food is better digested, I don't see as much full formed things like carrots, etc, in the stools. I did a lot of research before settling on what my dogwalker recommended, mostly to educate myself on the idea of a probiotic for dogs. I will continue to use this. It does not cause any gut disturbance and they don't even know its there."

- Paige Turner

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“I think it is exactly what he needed to help aid in his digestion”

"[...] I looked through many, many brands and formulas and settled on this one as it has pro, pre, enzymes, and herbs all in one with a fantastic list of ingredients and amounts plus the price is amazing for the quality. He has been on it for a week and so far less irritation on his feet and in his ear, his coat is looking a bit healthier, and overall I am seeing a difference. I'm very happy with this product and I think it is exactly what he needed to help aid in his digestion. I give one to him in the morning and one in the evening with his food, I mix a little bit of either canned food or raw egg w/ shell in his kibble to help 'mask' it and he eats it right up. Great product, highly recommended. :)"

- Kay

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“I already can see a huge difference!”

"I was very concerned while choosing digestive supplements for my dog. He has a sensitive stomach and once in a while he gets upset stomach even if his food doesn’t change. I have been giving him these pills for a week and I already can see a huge difference! For the whole week there were no accidents. The pill is easy to swallow. I cannot say anything about the taste or smell, but it doesn’t seem to bother my dog. So far so good!"

- Sasha and Chris

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“Helpful for underweight GSD”

"My German Shepherd has a borderline case of EPI, and was underweight despite feeding Orijen's highest-calorie food. In lieu of going the full enzyme supplementation route, I decided to try these digestion aids. He has gained 11 pounds since we began adding this to his food. I suggest incubating the product in slightly-warmed pumpkin prior to adding to your dog's regular meal to ensure full absorption. A note about EPI: This condition can occur in other breeds, but most commonly in GSD's. If your dog is chronically underweight despite high-quality food, please consider asking your vet to test for the condition. (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). You can find out more about this condition at EPI4dogs dot com."

- Ellie May

Verified Amazon Review

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