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Every Pet Needs A Healthy Microbiome

The microbiome impacts the whole body – from the immune system to colon function to mental health.

Supporting the microbiome is as easy as adding Microflora Plus to the bowl.

For Digestive, Bowel, Immune & Microbiome Support

These beneficial bacteria flood the gut to support everything from the microbiome to their bowels. They even help in shaping their immune system.

When the microbiome is out of balance, your pet can develop diarrhea, irregular stool, bloating, and even bad gas.

By nourishing their gut daily with probiotics, like Microflora, you can set up a solid foundation for health & wellness.

Probiotics & So Much More

Microflora offers probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and gut-soothing herbs. Each of these play a crucial part in maintaining a healthy gut and balanced microbiome for your tail-wagger.

Huge Benefits

for All Dogs and Cats

Every single dog and cat benefit from a probiotic like Microflora at any age. Whether you want to support their gut health or you’re dealing with the occasional loose pile of stool, adding Microflora Plus to the bowl will have a positive impact on your pet’s health & wellbeing.

Pure, Authentic, & Safe

We only partner with vendors that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and who have stringent standards. We also have quality control measures of our own in place- a trust but verify approach.

“I feel good knowing all the fantastic benefits my 16-year-old gets just by adding Microflora to the bowl...”

Experience the Power of Probiotics

Support your carnivore’s digestive health, immune system, and microbiome for years to come.