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Pop the appropriate number of capsules out of the foil and add to the bowl daily. You can add it right to the top of the meal. You can also open the capsule and sprinkle directly onto food.

What a zinger of a question! Fermented Goats milk should contain active probiotic cultures such as Kefir. Microflora, like goat’s milk, has so many benefits for digestion. Microflora has 10 billion probiotics, plus prebiotics, to feed those good bacteria. It also has digestive enzymes geared specifically towards a carnivore’s needs. And lastly, Microflora includes ginger, cinnamon and licorice to soothe the gut wall. You can, of course, use the two together (because who wouldn’t want more digestive firepower!) but if your dog is having GI issues like bad gas or soft stool, is on antibiotics, changing foods or is under a lot of stress, Microflora would be our go-to.

Great question! These are functional units of activity and how different enzyme potency is quantified (yay, science!). The most important thing though, is knowing how each of these enzymes function to help catalyze reactions. For instance, amylase breaks down starches and carbohydrates into sugars (dogs are bad at this one), protease breaks down proteins into amino acids, and lipase breaks down lipids (fats & oils) into glycerol and fatty acids. Each of the digestive enzymes in Microflora is tailored towards a carnivore’s digestion.

Nope! No need to refrigerate. Just keep the capsules blister capped and only remove the daily dose when administering to preserve the lifespan of the healthy bacteria. 

Product Contents

Probiotics, like in Microflora, are live microorganisms in a dormant state. As soon as they come in contact with moisture (even from the air), they come to life. They are packed as capsules and sealed so they never come into contact with water before your pet’s stomach because once they do they have a limited lifespan- 2 weeks to be exact. Keeping them dormant until they’re ready to be used ensures that the dosage and potency are uniform. If they aren’t packed and sealed, there is a real chance that those beneficial bacteria will be spent before your pup even has a chance to benefit from them.

Quality & Safety

Absolutely! Every age, breed, and size can benefit from Microflora Plus, so get your proactive care on.

Unfortunately, diabetic animals should avoid Microflora Plus because it contains Fructooligosaccharide, a long-chain sugar that acts as a prebiotic. 

Absolutely! We recommend adding Pure Krill to all Herbsmith regimens.

Product Benefits

Yes, it definitely can! We all have some yeast in our gut already (fun fact): it’s completely normal. When there’s an overgrowth of yeast though, it becomes problematic and can cause all sorts of GI upset. Microflora is able to flood the gut with good bacteria (10 Billion CFU) to competitively inhibit the growth of yeast. If your pup is experiencing yeast infections in the skin or ears, that could also have come from the gut, meaning it started in the gut and invaded the rest of the body. Microflora could combat that yeast by increasing the normal bacteria (probiotics) in the gut. For complete support, consider combining Clear AllerQi for long-term relief.

TRILLIONS of living microorganisms reside in your pet’s gut. And they hold the key to your animal’s digestive health. The sum of these gut bacteria is referred to as the gut microbiome, and it can be found in the second half of your pet’s digestive tract. 

Not only is this community complex, but it’s responsible for vitally important functions.

         -It keeps harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli in check.

         -It makes vitamins that give your pet energy.

         -It helps dogs and cats digest their food more effectively. 

And! Perhaps the most exciting discovery to date is that upwards of 85% of the immune system resides around the gut microbiome, so when the microbiome is healthy, you’ve got a healthy, happy pet. And yes, a HAPPY pet, because the microbiome can even affect your pet’s mood positively or negatively. 

This is why adding a healthy bacteria does so much for your animal– not just their gut health, but for their body as a whole. Your pet’s immune system won’t spend so much energy keeping bad bacteria at bay, which allows their immune system to focus on other important tasks.   

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