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Signature Nutrients For All Aspects Of Joint Care

3x the Daily Glucosamine (than market standard)

1500 mg Glucosamine (per dose)

Veterinarian Developed



3rd-Party Quality Tested

Innovative 5-1 Solution for Joint Health


Is what hydrates your dog’s joints for better movement, flexibility and range of motion. Healthy joints rely on glucosamine the most. It can be considered a refill for joint fluid.


Is what gives cartilage its sponginess and your dog that extra spring step after step. Leaping, hopping, zoomies, can all be attributed to healthy cartilage.

Hyaluronic Acid

Lubricates the joints– think of it as lotion for the motion to support your dog’s mobility. Stairs, climbing, play bows, are easy peasy.


for healthy tissue. MSM is shown to help speed up new muscle and connective tissue repair, while providing some relief for stiffness.


Like boswellia, corydalis, curcumin, and yucca, all have powerful supporting properties to help dogs with stiffness and discomfort.

Advanced Joint Support

for Every Dog

Catering to All Aspects of the Joint

With glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid, and anti-inflammatory herbs, every area of the joint is nourished.

This provides your dog with the building blocks needed for long-term joint health.

3x the Glucosamine
Compared to the Market Standard

Currently, there are no legal distinctions between the mere presence of a substance and an adequate amount of a substance in a product. Put plainly, you may be getting glucosamine, but you may not getting enough glucosamine to effectively nourish their joints.

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Glucosamine?

Any amount of glucosamine is better than none at all, but to truly help your dog’s joints, the correct amount should be given on a daily basis.

When comparing glucosamine offerings on the market, you need to compare the amount of product needed daily to reach the intended effect and the price per day.

Created by a Seasoned Holistic Veterinarian

With over 30 years of veterinary experience, Herbsmith founder, Chris Bessent, D.V.M., MSOM, Dipl.OM, L.Ac is a firm believer in fusing traditional and holistic medicine. She advocates for whole food nutrition, encouraging every pet parent to curate the bowl to cater to their pet’s individual needs.

Rigorously Regulated

for Authenticity, Purity, and Safety

Each and every batch of ingredients that we use to make our formulas is tested in the U.S. to ensure purity, authenticity, and safety. From the soil our herbs grow in to the finished bottles going out the door, we monitor every step of the process, using only proven, trustworthy suppliers, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and abiding by the most stringent testing and manufacturing guidelines in the world.

Using a trust but verify approach, our quality control measures include:

– Vendor monitoring through random testing
– Third-party testing
– Certificates of Analysis

Made in a GMP Facility

owned & operated by Dr. Chris Bessent

A cGMP facility isn’t just a bragging right. It’s a guarantee to you that every product is safe. And with an experienced veterinarian at the helm, we have utmost control over every step in the process, so that safety and quality always remain our top priorities.

Backed by the

NASC Seal of Approval

You won’t see this seal on every brand because the seal of approval is only granted to companies able to exceed stringent standards set by their oversight program.