Does your dog have dry, itchy skin? a greasy coat? seasonal allergies? liver issues?

Does your dog have dry, itchy skin? a greasy coat? seasonal allergies? liver issues?

Dr. Chris Bessent says: "the body is like a gently simmering pot of water..."

When the pot begins to boil over, it’s the equivalent of an allergic reaction. This is because there is an imbalance of heat and fluid in the body. As the pot boils, the vital fluids in the body evaporate and phlegm accumulates (which is what causes an allergic dog’s coat to be greasy, gooey, or stinky). In order to stop the boiling, you need to either turn down the heat with heat-draining herbs and add more water to the pot with fluid-protecting herbs.

Some key components to ultimate skin & coat health

Seasonal allergies are a result of the body over-reacting to environmental allergens that invade the body, like pollen, dust, and molds. While these things aren’t inherently dangerous, the body can categorize them as threats anyway and react in a way that causes imbalance. Even outside of allergy seasons, the skin needs proper care and nourishment to remain healthy. The skin and coat can benefit greatly from the following things:

Omega 3s
Heat-Draining Herbs
Milk Thistle
Fluid-Protecting Herbs
Essential GLA

Krill & anchovy are super great protein-based sources of EPA and DHA (ideal for a carnivore!). They are also very tiny fish, which makes them less of a harbor for high mercury levels. Unlike salmon (which is often used as a source of Omega 3), anchovy and krill are at the bottom of the food chain, so they do not experience the effects of biomagnification quite like salmon do.

During an allergic reaction, the allergic dog or cat has an excess of heat in the body, causing the redness, itchiness, sneezing or other symptoms so often accompanying an allergy. Scutellaria, Plantago, Alisma, Gardenia, and Gentian Root are all herbs that work within the body to drain this excess heat.

Mainly used for its benefits to the liver, milk thistle acts as both a protectant and detoxifier. It has demonstrated positive impacts like flushing out harmful toxins from medications, antibiotics, free radicals and heavy metals.

Pets with seasonal allergies are often prescribed corticosteroids and antihistamines, which can really take a toll on the liver after long term use. Milk thistle can help protect and repair the damage that these strong drugs bring along.

In the allergic animal, as the heat increases, it begins to burn off the fluids within the body, resulting in phlegm (often identified through a greasy coat or eye & ear discharge). Rehmannia Root, Angelica, Longan Fruit, and Jujube Seed are all included in Clear AllerQi to protect the fluids in the body, while other herbs work simultaneously to turn down the heat.

Borage and Evening Primrose oil supply a specific type of Omega 6 fatty acid that dogs are typically lacking: GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). This essential nutrient is awesome for hydrating the skin and helping the body produce its own protective oils that nourish skin.

Benefits of a Solid Skin & Coat Supplement

glimmer supports silky, shiny coats for dogs
Soft, Shiny Coats
glimmer can help manage seasonal shedding
Tamed Shedding
glimmer helps hydrate the skin of dogs, helpful for dogs with dry itchy skin
Hydrated Skin
glimmer can help allergic dogs during allergy season
Allergy Defense
Managed Histimine
skin and coat line benefits

A Closer Look at Oils

Oils have long been used for maintaining hydrated skin. They are a natural way to restore moisture to the surface of the body, promoting health skin and a shiny coat. Oils are derived from fats, which have a complex family tree.

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Saturated fats break off into long-chain and medium-chain triglycerides (and are generally bad for you in large amounts). Beneath long-chains are the “bad fats”, AKA the ones that really aren’t good for you. Coconut oil comes from the medium-chain triglycerides and is one of the few types of saturated fat that can be good for the body. Unsaturated fats (the “good fats”) split off into monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids fall under the polyunsaturated side.

Both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential to the health and wellness of our pets. Especially for dogs prone to allergies or dry skin, these fatty acids can make all the difference in soothing itchiness. Both are great for supplementing your pet’s diet, but they do play different roles in the body

Omega 6s are often readily available because they are cheaper, but the one type of Omega 6 dogs need (and can’t manufacture on their own) is gamma-linolenic acid, or GLA. A fatty acid chock-full of health benefits, GLA is present in borage oil and evening primrose oil.

Omega 3s are less likely to be in adequate quantities in pet foods simply because they are more expensive. Salmon & anchovy oil, krill, and grass-fed meats are the best sources for a carnivore, because they provide the active forms of Omega 3 (EPA & DHA) directly, rather than the inactive ALA that has to be converted first. As an inactive form, ALA cannot be utilized by the body unless it is converted into one of the active forms. And because dogs and cats are carnivores, they lack the proper enzymes to effectively convert ALA like a herbivore or omnivore could. This is why its so essential to give our pets natural sources of the already-converted forms of Omega 3s. 

Foundations of Skin & Coat Health


Rich in omega fatty acids, Glimmer is a great way to support skin and coat health. With EPA, DHA, and GLA, Glimmer maintains the skin’s normal moisture content and may help tame seasonal shedding. This dog skin care supplement may also lend a helping hand during allergy season. The perfect boost for dogs of all ages!

Clear AllerQi + Glimmer

A supplement for dogs and cats with seasonal allergies, Clear AllerQi cools the skin & harmonizes the body’s defenses to cope with allergic reactions due to environmental factors. This allergy support supplement helps maintain healthy skin and normal histamine levels, all while supporting the body’s detoxification process.

Milk Thistle + Clear AllerQi + Glimmer

Our 100% organic ground milk thistle is the cherry on top of our skin and coat support line. Helping with normal, healthy liver function, Milk Thistle supports the body’s natural detoxification process, especially after exposure to heavy metal or environmental toxins.

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The Ultimate Skin & Coat Support for Dogs

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Clear AllerQi


Milk Thistle

What Other Dogs Are Saying:

Hudson (@theboxerandthebear)

As some of you know, Hudson has been battling with a case of the itchies for about a year now. We’ve done a very in-depth allergy and wellness test to help manage his diet and steer clear of problematic foods and objects that trigger negative reactions in his skin, so we’re good on that front – which can be the hardest battle.

The issue for this big guy, we learned, is that he has yeasty skin (and still remains itchy, despite being on a potato-free, low-starch diet) and testing showed that candida is present in his system. Being in the pet industry for 6 years now, I’ve tried countless holistic remedies and products to try and find this kiddo some relief, but nothing worked well enough to stick with it.

Enter Herbsmith. 🌱

I started incorporating Clear AllerQi and Milk Thistle into Hudson’s meals, twice daily, and was so relieved to see that his itching diminished in just two weeks! He went from scratching incessantly, especially in the mornings, to barely scratching at all after about 14 days! 

A couple weeks later, I’d become distracted and fell out of the habit of adding the supplements into his regimen for a few days and, low and behold, his skin freaked out all over again. While I was kicking myself for being the reason for his setback, it was really interesting to see that reaction because it confirmed to me that this combo of healing herbs really WAS working magic for our big guy.

We’re now back on track, and I’m so thrilled that Hudson is feeling relief – all thanks to Herbsmith’s Clear Allerqi & Milk Thistle powders! We can’t thank the kind souls over at Herbsmith enough for their generosity. I’ve been a fan of their company for years now, but this experience has really set them apart from other brands in so many amazing ways. They’ve gained a forever customer and supporter in us, not only for Hudson’s new supplements, but also for those awesome treats! Herbsmith: We ♥ you.

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