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Sassy Cat Treats are different. Made with no grain, fillers or artificial preservatives, Herbsmith’s Sassy Cat treats help cats live naturally. Cats are carnivores, designed to primarily eat and digest meat with some vegetables and fruits or little to no grain. That’s why Sassy Cat has real food treats made with simple basic ingredients based on a cat’s optimal diet. At Herbsmith, we feel that pets should not simply eat to live… they should eat to thrive! The right diet can bring your cat into a whole new state of health and wellness.
  • grain-free
  • no fillers, additives or artificial preservatives
  • sourced & made in the U.S.A.

Food Energetics

At Herbsmith, we know that everything you feed your cat affects their body. Every food has energetics that can influence the way the body functions – positively or negatively. Herbsmith has searched high and low for the best ingredients possible to cater to what your cat’s body really needs. The older “cold” animal that needs joint support should be fed “warming” foods like chicken and turkey. The allergic or high-arousal “hot” animal should be fed “cooling” foods like duck and rabbit. The well-balanced animal should be fed “neutral” foods like beef and pork. Give your pets healthy treats that do good things for their bodies, and see them smile!

Direction for Use

Feed as a treat.


duck, oranges

  • Guaranteed Analysis:
  • - Crude Protein: 49% min
  • - Crude Fat: 12% min
  • - Crude Fiber: 3% max
  • - Moisture: 6% max

chicken, apples, spinach

  • Guaranteed Analysis:
  • - Crude Protein: 51% min
  • - Crude Fat: 19% min
  • - Crude Fiber: 2% max
  • - Moisture: 5% max

rabbit, duck, broccoli, and cranberry

  • Guaranteed Analysis:
  • - Crude Protein: 46% min
  • - Crude Fat: 6% min
  • - Crude Fiber: 1% max
  • - Moisture: 4% max

turkey, sweet potato, and ginger

  • Guaranteed Analysis:
  • - Crude Protein: 51% min
  • - Crude Fat: 14% min
  • - Crude Fiber: 2% max
  • - Moisture: 6% max

wild caught whitefish

  • Guaranteed Analysis:
  • - Crude Protein: 61% min
  • - Crude Fat: 16% min
  • - Crude Fiber: 5% max
  • - Moisture: 4% max

wild caught salmon

  • Guaranteed Analysis:
  • - Crude Protein: 50% min
  • - Crude Fat: 26% min
  • - Crude Fiber: 5% max
  • - Moisture: 2% max

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