Chris Bessent, D.V.M.

Chris Bessent, D.V.M., founder of Herbsmith, practices holistic veterinary medicine, utilizing Chinese herbs, acupuncture, food therapy and chiropractic on all animals. After more than a decade of using Chinese herbal combinations in her practice, Dr. Bessent channeled her wealth of knowledge and experience into Herbsmith, Inc.

Dr. Bessent maintains a busy exclusive holistic veterinary practice in Southeastern Wisconsin where she treats horses and dogs on a daily basis. In addition, she teaches the benefits and wisdom of Chinese veterinary medicine through seminars, classes and internships for veterinary students, veterinarians and horse and dog owners.

  • Certifications
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Chris Bessent has earned the following certifications:

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

  • Certified Veterinary Chiropractic

  • Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Dr. Bessent belongs to the following groups and organizations:


Decades of Experience...

Chris Bessent D.V.M. regularly offers seminars and teaches classes on the benefits and wisdom of Chinese medicine. Dr. Bessent's upcoming appearances and speaking engagements include:

Middle West Pet Food Summit
Chicago, IL | January 27, 2013

Pharm Fair
Madison, WI | March 6, 2013

New Orleans, LA | May 16 - May 19, 2013

AVMA Annual Convention
Chicago, IL | July 19 - July 23, 2013

Dr. Bessent speaks regularly for the Herbsmith Webinar Series.
Click here for a schedule of upcoming webinars.