top 3 Herbsmith products for cats

Our Top 3 Picks for Cats

If you’re just hearing about our company, we have a few recommendations to get you started. Here’s our top 3 picks for cat parents:

  1. Bladder Care
  2. Sassy Cat Treats
  3. Microflora Plus



1. Bladder Care:

This is our top pick for kitties because, believe it or not, cats are more prone to dealing with recurring bladder issues. Due to their anatomy, female cats are likely to contrive a UTI. And male cats, because of their long, narrow urethras, are at greater risk for urinary obstructions.

Our Bladder Care product was developed to help maintain normal urinary pH levels. D-mannose, cranberry, and herbs support bladder health, which is key to developing the proper urinary environment. Cats are supposed to have slightly acidic urine (like a 6.3 to 6.6 on the pH scale). When the bladder holds an environment that is outside of this range, it’s easier for certain bacteria to survive within it. Check out our post focused on the bladder here.



2. Sassy Cat Treats:

Kitties deserve treats too! The nature of cats is to be picky about anything you put in front of them. In the same way that you bond with anyone that gives you pizza, you want to bond with your kitty over a delicious gift. But this gets difficult when he just swats the treat away every time.

Not to fear – our Sassy Cat Treats are picky-eater approved! Take it from Jenn, our Office Manager:


Not convinced? Take Lindsey’s word for it too: 


Sassy Cat Treats were made to please, and they’re healthy too! Ranging from just one to four ingredients, Sassy Cat treats are pure, USA-sourced, Wisconsin-made goodness.



3. Microflora Plus:

Great for keeping their digestive systems regular. Whether they get into something that upsets their tummies or they just have their daily hairball, Microflora can help keep everything flowing smoothly. From loose stool to constipation, Microflora can help get their elimination schedule back on track. No more cat farts! 


With probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and herbs that support proper digestion and bowel health, Microflora will help maintain a healthy intestinal tract and gut flora.


We also offer a plethora of other options for your kitty. Check out our Wellness for Cats line for a full list of the helpful supplements and treats we offer. We’ve recently introduced Sound Kitty™, a glucosamine-based formula for cats. Great for kitties who love to jump, pounce, and play all day (just like our Joey)! Check out our joint support post for a more in-depth look at joints.

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