the best of dog gifs blog post

The best of dogs GIFs

the best of dog gifs blog post

There’s a reason that people say “a dog is a man’s best friend.” The only reason we wouldn’t agree with that statement is because we’d expand it to include that dogs are a man’s, woman’s, children’s, family’s…. everyone’s best friend!

In honor of the incomparable friendship and affection we have for these four-legged companions, here are some of the reasons we love dogs, all captured perfectly by the best-ever dog GIFs!

1.Literally, everything they do makes us smile

I mean, honestly, something so simple can bring so much joy! We dare you to check out this pup learning to bounce on a trampoline without saying “aw!” You can’t do it. We bet you can’t!

2.They make everyday a happy one

Look at this little guy – prancing around, tongue hanging out, just living life. How is it possible for someone to be so happy all the time?! We don’t know, but somehow our puppies make it possible (thank God).

3.They provide us with endless laughs

Puppy: Water, water, water, OMG water! I must play in water, swim in water! Water, water, water!
*Gets too excited, water goes up nose*
Puppy: Wow, water tickles too! OMG water!

4. Pups make friends with everyone

Talk about having someone’s back! This Shiba literally has his friend, Mr. Turtle’s, back… err… shell. It goes without saying you can always count on your pup to have your back, too.

5. They are your soulmate, and your swolemate 

Has your New Year’s resolution escaped you? Are you searching endlessly for the gym motivation that you seem to have completely lost? Look no further than your dog!

From treadmills to hiking trails, we can guarantee that your pup is the absolute best, most enthusiastic workout partner you’ll ever find.

6.They become your ultimate support system

“No… I definitely don’t want a big, snuggly hug from that fluffy, whit puppy” said NO ONE. EVER.

7.They’re full of surprises

From learning ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ and ‘play dead’ to learning new magic tricks (like hiding a friend under their butt), your dog will never seize to amaze you.

8.They’re the cutest form of entertainment

There’s no denying that pups know how to liven up the party. I mean, give them a patio chair and they’ll show you how to have fun (like this little guy did).

9.They don’t sugarcoat things

Sometimes, enough is enough, and you can always count on your pup to be 100 percent honest and open with you when it comes to that. Just like this guy, below, who has had ENOUGH of fetch for the moment.

10.They absolutely adore you

Think about it: your pup spends a good part of their day waiting for you to come home. Oh, and when you finally do, the moment is magical <3

11.Dogs offer the fuzziest shoulder to cry on

Pup: “Come here human, it’ll be okay… nothing a good head rub can’t fix”

12.They’re built-in playmates

…And it’s kind of super cute when they think we can’t see them during a round of hide and go seek.

13.Two words: FUZZY. BUTTS.

Oh boy, we could stare at this bootyful corgi booty all day. How could you not want to snuggle that fluffy bum?!

14.Your pup stays by your side every step of the way

Pretty self-explanatory

15.They’re super-intelligent beings

Maybe they’re born with it; maybe it’s just the determination to get the biggest. Stick. Ever. Home!


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