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The Most Puuuuurfect Cat GIFs


Kitties – we can’t help but love their sassy personalities, spunky demeanors, and seemingly nonchalant outlook. Some people may see cats as a bit standoffish, but a true cat lover knows how absolutely cuddly and loving our feline friends can be.

So here’s an ode to your Sir Charles Pawington, and all of the quirky little things that make our fluffy friends our best friends; all captured in the most puuurfect cat GIFs you’ve ever seen!

They’re super appreciative 

After all, it only took you three hours to put together that deluxe cat tree… by hand. No big deal that kitty’s more interested in the cardboard box it was delivered in. No. Big. Deal…..


They’re very welcoming 

I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t want to come home to these welcoming, waving paws?!?! Adorbs!


Cats make great athletes

Let’s be real, is this not the cutest game you’ve ever seen!? Is there room for one more in this tetherball match, because we so want to join!


They keep you on top of your cleaning game

As Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs taught us, cleaning is better when it’s done together (and when there’s whistling involved). And having a cat that will hang on to the bottom of your Swiffer, making sure you’re hitting every spot while simultaneously leaving a trail of more shedding hair in their wake? What better motivation to keep up with your cleaning than that?



They need all the lovinns’

…And we’re absolutely okay with the fact that they’re not afraid to ask for it 🙂


Cats help you reach your yogi goals

Downward dog – what even is that?! Cats are amazing acrobats, and provide you with all of the #FlexibilityGoals you need to succeed!


They appreciate the simple things

Why can’t our significant others be satisfied with a screensaver of swimming fishies? For some reason, they seem to need gifts and fancy dinners and foot massages and chocolates to be happy.

We wish our significant other could be more like our cats. It’s the simple things that mean the most… like chasing digital fish on a 2D screen.


They’re always ready to clean up for a night out

We all appreciate Netflix and Chill nights, but who doesn’t love getting spiffed up every now and then for a night on the town? Our kitties are always down to go all out for a good time.

And, not to mention, we’d love to do the cat walk with this cute, little buccaneer.


They understand the importance of friendship

Like this tight-knit group below, our kitties can always be found be our sides (or on top of our laps, whether at the best or absolutely most inconvenient time ever, it doesn’t really matter). Cats stick together and you can always count on them to be there for you!


They’re innovative

Talk about innovation!

Have you ever been so lazy that you literally cannot get up to reach your glass of water on the coffee table, so instead you create a super straw by attaching four or five bendy straws together? That’s basically what this cat is doing.

Thank you, cats. Thank you for all of the motivation, love, and inspiration <3

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