“For years, I have bounced from different brand names of liniment, trying to find the one that fits “just right” for my horse. Some are too strong, some are too weak, but Herbsmith is just right! I have never actually felt a noticeable difference in my horse the day after I use a liniment. After using Herbsmith™, my horse feels less stiff the next day and ready to take on the competition! I’m so thrilled to be over with the “Goldie Loches” liniment search, and at a reasonable price, too! Why would I use anything else?”

- Leslie, Team Herbsmith
Brown Horse with a bridle
“I have a 20+ year old daughter of Freckles Playboy that I bought in 2006 as a broodmare. When I bought her she walked like a "bull dog" in the front end, obviously from an old injury and probably in a significant amount of discomfort! She has had 3 foals for me and when I received the samples, decided to try the Sound Horse Viscosity on her. Minimal improvement, but enough I decided to buy more for her. She doesn't get it every day, but the improvement continues and it is so pleasant to see, that I am giving it to her daily now and she walks just to be walking! It is evident in her eyes that she doesn't hurt so much anymore! I just put a scoop on top of her hay, and she eats it like it's candy! Thank you, for offering such a wonderful product!”

-Sue, ISA RJ Matthews Company

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