Carey Henry
“For years, I have bounced from different brand names of liniment, trying to find the one that fits “just right” for my horse. Some are too strong, some are too weak, but Herbsmith is just right! I have never actually felt a noticeable difference in my horse the day after I use a liniment. After using Herbsmith, my horse feels less stiff the next day and ready to take on the competition! I’m so thrilled to be over with the “Goldie Loches” liniment search, and at a reasonable price, too! Why would I use anything else?”

- Carey
“I had the opportunity to get to know the Herbsmith linament through a sample that was given out at a competition. We LOVED it! My whole team thought it was a superior product to what we are currently using!”

- Susanne
“Herbsmith products are the greatest - so fresh so distinctive and effective - I especially love their Herbal Liniment - we use it on all our horses - it is better than anything else we have used on our horses legs before. My horses get a rub down after they work with the best liniment on the market - Sound Horse Liniment from Herbsmith. I started using it last year and won't use anything else since I did. It works great, smells good, and makes the horse feel better. I even use it on myself after a hard day.”

- Kelly, Team Herbsmith
“I have been using Sound Horse Herbal Liniment after all of my strenuous jump schools, cross country schools, and competitions. It has kept Parker's legs cool, tight and ready for the next event! It also has helped cool out his body quickly and relieve any muscular soreness after a tough training or competition day. Not to mention, it smells great and is very gentle on his sensitive skin!”

- Brittany
“Sound Horse liniment is a product that I use on a regular basis. I use it after strenuous schoolings and at shows to help keep his legs as tight as possible. I recently used it as part of his massage therapy after he pulled a muscle playing in the pasture. Definitely a great product to have on hand!”

- Becca, Team Herbsmith
Brown Horse with a bridle
“Hi there, Herbsmith! This is just a note to let you know how much I love your Soundhorse liniment. As a new horse owner, I had tried the routine liniments sold at tack shops or farm supply stores and, while some somewhat helpful, those products were harsh on me and, I presume, on the horse. Then Mary Kate Henry did a massage on my horse and gave me a sample bottle of Sound horse. It works beautifully without any harshness whatsoever. In fact, now my husband and I use it for our sore muscles as well. I appreciate the fact that it is made with natural ingredients, which are organically meant to soothe. Now, is there any chance you're working on a fly/insect repellent? That's another area where the horse product industry has truly fallen out, I think 🙂 Thanks very much for making a product worth using!”

- Susan

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