Sarafina the Sound Dog Viscosity dog
Scruffy & Dojah
The Sound Dog Viscosity chews worked wonderfully - they both liked the treats. There was a noticeable change in their stiffness and willingness to go up and down the stairs after just a couple weeks. I am very pleased with the results of the product.

- Angie Romero
3 pups laying on a dog bed
Oscar is my senior (12 1/2 yr old) 75lb. Boxer. On occasion, he is visibly in pain and often times has difficulty getting up from a lying or sitting position. Oscar is on a good nutritional Raw food diet and has organic fruits and veggies as treats.

I started the Viscosity and at first did not seem to notice much of a difference; however, I definitely noticed a difference when we took a longer than usual walk one day. Oscar typically tires out or is in pain and will want to head back home, but on this particular day Oscar continued to walk further than usual and did not seem to want to slow down. We ended up walking about 6 1/2 blocks further than usual so in total walking back home that amounts to 13 additional blocks; very impressive.

Oscar has now completed all of the Sound Dog Viscosity chews and I have noticed he is able to get up without much effort, jumps on my bed with more ease, is able to stay in a sitting position for a longer period of time, and rises to a standing position smoothly and easily.

Oscar has also recently begun playing with my little guys, Missy (5 lb.Yorkie) and Hunter (4 lb. miniature min-pin) which is very new. Before, Missy and Hunter would jump near Oscar and he was clearly in too much pain to try and keep up with them so he would just lay down and watch them play.

There are still the occasional signs of pain but it's usually when Oscar has played a little too long or hard. I am very excited to hear the feedback on the various products others have used, specifically the Comfort Aches and Clear AllerQi. I feel that Oscar may benefit from the Comfort Aches. This, in conjunction with Sound Dog chews may help him a great deal. Hunter currently has hip issues so, needless to say, I will be purchasing Sound Dog for him as well.

Oscar, Missy and Hunter thanking you so much. We are very appreciative and impressed of a company that stands by their products so much. I am now very confident that Oscar will be able to move more easily with the continuous use of Sound Dog Viscosity.

- Anita Heath
Zoey the dog
Zoey is 13 years and 3 months old. Being a large dog there is a big concern about hips and joint care as labs get older. First off, Zoey loves the Sound Dog Viscosity treats. What I've noticed since she's been taking them is less lingering soreness in her legs after long walks. This is the first Herbsmith product I have personally tried on my dog and so far I love the product and the results. Zoey still has all the energy of a young playful lab despite her age. I plan on keeping her on the Viscosity treats for the rest of her life now.

- Jared Tiedt
Sarafina the Sound Dog Viscosity dog
I did notice Willow seems not as stiff. We took her on a long hike and she did really well. The previous year she had strained her leg due to the strenuous hike. I feel like the Sound Dog Viscosity chews helped her.

- Crystal DiStefano
Pup running through flowers
Speck is a 3.5-year-old, 10-lb Chihuahua/Brussels Griffon mix, and he is very active. In November of 2014 he had surgery on one of his back legs for developmental luxated patella, and the vet has warned me that his other back leg may also need surgery before long. In the meantime, she has asked that I use a strong joint supplement to help both knees stay healthy. I used the SoundDog viscosity, and it seems to do a great job - he is less stiff and doesn't seem to lick at his knees as often (which he does when they are bothering him).

- Megan Kniepkamp
Santo the dog
I tried Sound Dog Viscosity out for my 12 year old Yorkshire/Rat Terrier mix. He has a luxating patella (a floating kneecap common in small breeds). For the most part, he is still active and runs around a lot but there are some days where he needs to rest or is limping.

When I tried Viscosity, I used half the recommended dosage to gradually introduce him into it and after 2 weeks, he still has been able to run around without limping. Overall, I was happy with the product because I still found it effective even when using half the recommended dosage on my pet.

- Armando Sanchez
Nash the dog
My dog was already taking supplements for his joint and digestions; however, once on Herbsmith's Sound Dog Viscosity, my dog seemed to find more energy. Many co-workers mentioned he had more energy and was acting puppy like. He did not like the joint supplements as a treat but had no problem eating it in his food. I feel the way its given in a chewy treat form is better absorbed than a chalky tablet. Thank you! I love your company!!

- Andrea Tyrrell
Sarafina the Sound Dog Viscosity dog
Dezi & Lou C
I have been feeding my 2 doxies Sound Dog Viscosity for years and I wanted to let you know how much I like using them. The dogs love them and are doing very well. They are both younger (4 and 8 years respectively), but both have luxating patellas. I have been using this as an investment in their future health and well-being. Neither one is showing any signs of arthritis and they are both very mobile. I couldn't be happier with the results!

- Jim Zayac
Sarafina the Sound Dog Viscosity dog
I really like Herbsmith's holistic, Chinese medicinal approach to joint care. It's nice that in addition to the Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid found in other similar products, Herbsmith adds Yucca and Boswellia. My overweight, elderly dog did very well on Sound Dog Viscosity. She isn't limping or slowing down from what I can see. It's also easy to administer--I just drop it in with her kibble! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future, as well as recommending it to others!

- Arielle Goodfriend
Sarafina the Sound Dog Viscosity dog
Cosmo & Koda
Cosmo is my 75 pound yellow lab who has a mild case of arthritis and Koda is my 65 pound chocolate lab who has had elbow surgery where bars have had to be put into his arms and elbows. I have given them one soft chew a day since I received them and it seems to be helping. Although I had paired it with Cosequin and fish oil, the Sound Dog Viscosity joint Support Soft Chews have helped a lot. I have tried everything from chondroitin and glucosamine to salmon and coconut oil and nothing really helped balance him out like the soft chews did. The other products, although they did help, were nothing compared to the soft treats.

- Jordan Chock
Sarafina the Sound Dog Viscosity dog
Before starting the product I was noticing that Parker, 8 year old black lab, was starting to slow down a bit after her normal play session. I've only used the product for little over a month and I have already seen an improvement in her. She seems to have an easier time keeping up with my other dog along with an easier time getting up from the floor. I will be continuing the product with her.

- Anthony Rodriguez
Cute dog wearing a "Thanks for the Love" sign
I am a big fan of Herbsmith's company philosophy and ingredient panels, and was very excited to use these supplements. Meadow has been slowing down as she nears 10 years old, and has had some recent trouble with one of her shoulders due to her rough'em-tough'em play style. She has been playing less and less and seems stiff and slow to wake up.

We gave her Sound Dog Viscosity Chews and the new Senior Dog cognitive health supplement. Though it is hard to say after one month of use, it sure seems like Meadow is feeling more limber. She has been surprisingly playful, even at home by ourselves, and has not had any trouble with the shoulder in the last month. This is a very subjective viewpoint given the short time for observation and feedback, but it has been encouraging, and I will definitely continue to make the viscosity treats part of her daily routine.

- Jessie Bennett-Strauss
Bella the dog
The Sound Dog chews were also incredibly easy to feed. Bella was eager to eat the chews as like a treat. Bella is an old lady, turning 10 this year. Before feeding her the joint support supplement, she would limp around on some days and be slow to get up. Now we see her barely limping around and easily getting up from laying down.

- Donald Klein
Darla the dog
Being a young dog, Darla did not have any signs or symptoms of issue. Knowing the breed has a good chance to develop hip issues down the road we started her on Sound Dog Viscosity a few weeks ago. Since starting the joint product, Darla developed either an acl tear or patella issue so we are already loading in good supplements to help her deal with what's to come!

- Valerie Rezente
Lady the dog
I was delighted to give our old rescue girl (13 years old) Herbsmith's wonderful product. She started Rimidyl on 5/9/16 and started taking Sound Dog Viscosity on 5/23/16. I called the vet who said it was a great thing to combine the Rimidyl and the Sound Dog Viscosity, because Herbsmith's product would help Lady's joints stay lubricated. All I can say is Lady has been chipper and racing around.

It's quite clear she isn't aching anymore. She was recovering from a bout of Vestibular Disease, which is why we started her on the Rimidyl and Sound Dog Viscosity. She is stable now and acting more puppy-like. It's amazing to see the difference in her behavior. Lady loves the Sound Dog Viscosity treats. She gobbles them right up. I plan to continue using Sound Dog Viscosity.

- Holly Hartz
Sir the Comfort Aches dog
Budders herniated two discs last August and has had a bit of trouble running and jumping since then. He is also a 10 year old pooch who gets a bit stiff in the mornings. Since starting with Sound Dog Viscosity and Comfort Aches, Budders has had less trouble jumping on the bed and seems a lot more willing to do so. His stiffness in the morning has also gone away!

- Maggie Cassell

“This dog had cancer and had trouble doing the things she used to do. We suggested Sound Dog and the dog is doing awesome!!! They are so happy with the diet and supplements we recommended. Kristie (Stevie's owner) states, "thanks to Sound Dog our 9 1/2 yr old Golden Stevie can jump off our pier again.”

- Dorothy, Nature's Feed

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