My American Eskimo mix / Samoyed was born to be my dog. Now 7 years old, as a puppy she went through one problem after another. We walked a lot in the summer, but if it was too much she was done for the next two days. The [vet] finally found bone on bone arthritis [to be] the reason for inactivity. They did five laser treatments, I started Herbsmith® Soothe Joints&trade:, and got a new, happy, active dog. Your product gave me relief for my best friend. To watch her run and play is amazing. She'll be on it forever, and I have Herbsmith® Comfort Aches™, just in case. Trust I spread the story, as nothing is worse than looking at the sad eyes of your pet and they can't tell you what hurts or why. Herbs are amazing, if only people knew!

- Diane
Scout the Soothe Joints dog
My dog was having some serious joint issues a couple of months ago and was on a bunch of different products. I didn't like the side effects from the other things he was taking and decided to give Soothe Joints a try. My dog has now been on Soothe Joints for a couple of months and he is a different dog! I love the product and recommend it to everyone.

- Mandy, Generation Pet

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