Spot the Smiling Dog dog
My picky, little guy loved the treats! (Thanks so much for the tip on breaking them up to release the smell). They are now a new favorite!

- Dee Johnson
Sophie the dog
Sophie (and Spike, my other fur baby) really enjoyed the Smiling Dog (Duck) treats. Sophie received one treat each morning. She would love to have had more but due to her needing to lose a bit of weight, I did not give her more than that. She is still continuing to lose weight and the treats did not seem to hinder or back track her weight loss like some other have in the past. I also liked knowing that she was getting a treat with a cooling meat during these warm summer months. I will continue to purchase these to feed to both of my pups.

- Brandy Saige
My cat very much enjoys the your Smiling Dog Freeze-Dried Duck treats!. The size makes for a nice snack in between meals. Thank you!

- Marek Majeski
Augie Dogie
Augie Dogie loves the Beef and Chicken Seasoning. He has to take medication for cancer which is bitter so he's not been eating his food (with the med mixed in) as much as he should. He'll eat half, maybe two thirds so I've had to add plain cooked chicken just to get him to eat that much. Sprinkling some seasoning on his kibble without the meds to test if he would eat it worked great. Over a few days I kept adding a little more of the meds and now he's finishing the whole bowl. Augs asked me to tell you he gives Smiling Dog Kibble Seasoning 4 Paws Up!

Spot the Smiling Dog dog
I have a new store (only been open 1 month), in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am carrying Smiling Dog treats and Sound Dog Viscosity joint supplement and I have been interested in your herbs and brining them into my store. I am not as knowledgeable about herbs as some other things so I was hesitant at first. But, I registered on your website and have been surfing through some of the information and I just finished listening to my first Webinar on Natural Immunity and, oh my gosh, was it GREAT!

Thank you so much for providing these learning tools! I am eager to continue to learn more about Chinese medicine and I try to incorporate my limited knowledge of warming foods vs. cool foods when consulting with customers on appropriate diet selection. Now I will be able to expand on so much more and I can hardly wait to go home and listen to other webinars! Thank you again and I will definitely be brining in some Herbsmith herbs for my store!”

- Kim, owner of Natural Pet Essentials
Spot the Smiling Dog dog
Our sweet little Yorkie mix is the pickiest eater EVER. We practically have to beg this little baby to eat (she's fine and very healthy, so there is nothing wrong with her; she just eats something a few times and then won't eat it again). We feed her only organic or natural; Wellness, Fromm, organic chicken, green beans, beef, etc. But she LOVES your treats! She has not grown tired of them and hopefully won't. We also have your sprinkles. Any chance you are going to make a soft but crispy dog food with the texture and consistency of the treats?

- Anita

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