Horse in pasture
“My horse has been on Serenity formula for almost a month- I can't recommend this product enough!! We got him in July and it was apparent from the start he had been abused- we had been lied to about his past. He's only 7, but has been severely abused most of his life. He would never look at anyone when they would go in his stall, he would totally zone out until we left, only letting us touch him be...cause he had no choice. Riding him was almost impossible-I walked him around the ring, but anything more and I never knew what I would get. We were told that this formula could help him- but it could take a month or more to see any kind of effect...within a week he was turning his head when we walked in his stall, within 2 weeks he was letting us touch him while he ate his hay. Last week he actually took a few steps towards me when I walked into his stall, he allowed me to cup my hand to his muzzle without pulling away like he used to do and he let me lightly touch the back of his ears without pulling away- all of these things would never have happened prior to using this product! These are all very small steps, but progress is progress and I can't push the speed it happens on him. We started him on Serenity right after the Equine Affair, November 10th. I just bought the Flax Plus Serenity for his 2nd month. I am SO GLAD I was introduced to this product!!!!”

- Val
Brown Horse with a bridle
“I had heard great things about Serenity and had the perfect candidate for its use. Prior to using Serenity, "Tori" was a talented yet excitable mare and had a tendency to be spooky with new things at the larger shows. After using Serenity, "Tori" was able to focus on her job and was able to perform at the highest levels of competition. Even in very busy coliseums with big lights, many spectators and the pressures of top competition, she was able to maintain her concentration for her best performance.”

- Deanna
“My 8 year old Throughbred arrived from Florida at my barn in Saukville, WI during the coldest time of the year. He was not used to the cold weather and became quite a handful. We began giving him the Serenity supplement and within a month he became much more manageable. The Serenity helped to take the edge off of him and he became more cooperative.”

- Becca, Team Herbsmith
“Folly was off to a great start. She was such a kind and willing mare, it was a shame that within the first year of starting her under saddle she needed OCD surgery. The recovery was rough and she fell ill the following Spring. For three and a half days her fever rose to 105. After months of rehab we started her under saddle again, this time, it was a rough start. She was not the horse she had been. She was hot, irritable and spooky; it was awful times 100. Folly was now difficult to control and dangerous to ride. I was ready to give up on her. I called in my holistic veterinarian Dr. Chris Bessent who explained to me in Chinese theory, the heat from a fever can stay in the horse's system and make them have increased pulse. This was interesting to me, because ever since Folly had been ill you could literally see her neck pumping. Dr. Bessent explained that since the fever didn't completely flush out, the horse can have internal heat and mares in particular can be worse. We started Folly on Serenity and the results were amazing! Folly became the willing mare she used to be; the steady and athletic companion I had hoped for. With the support of Serenity's natural calming without taking any of Folly's natural athletic ability away, I plan to keep Folly on this terrific herbal blend long term. Thanks to Herbsmith, Inc. for bringing Folly back!.”

-Erinn, Team Herbsmith

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