Cute dog wearing a "Thanks for the Love" sign
I am a big fan of Herbsmith's company philosophy and ingredient panels, and was very excited to use these supplements. Meadow has been slowing down as she nears 10 years old, and has had some recent trouble with one of her shoulders due to her rough'em-tough'em play style. She has been playing less and less and seems stiff and slow to wake up.

We gave her Sound Dog Viscosity Chews and the new Senior Dog cognitive health supplement. Though it is hard to say after one month of use, it sure seems like Meadow is feeling more limber. She has been surprisingly playful, even at home by ourselves, and has not had any trouble with the shoulder in the last month. This is a very subjective viewpoint given the short time for observation and feedback, but it has been encouraging, and I will definitely continue to make the viscosity treats part of her daily routine.

- Jessie Bennett-Strauss

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