Sassy Cat cat model laying
Walter & Scout
I started with the SassyCat treats. Both cats had been a little picky as to which treats they preferred. There's been pretty much the only one they really enjoy and come back for more prior to SassyCat. When I tried the Herbsmith kitty treats they both ate them very quickly. Walter kept looking around for more when he was finished! Success!!!

- Scott Newlands
Sassy Cat cat model laying
My cat loves it wet or dry! A healthy treat I can give anytime.

- Kevin Twomey
Pretty kitty
My 9 month old kitten is usually a pretty picky eater when it comes to his treats. He only likes the Smart N' Tasty Dental treats we carry in our store and every attempt to get him to eat something else he has turned his nose up to. After bringing home a bag of the Herbsmith Freeze-Dried Whitefish Treats, he fell in love with them! When I first fed them to him, he gobbled them up out of my hands and by the nest day I came home and found the rest of the bag on the floor, shredded open, with all of the contents gone and a very full sleepy looking kitten nearby!

I was so happy to see him love a new treat and I've even bought another bag that I top his food with every once in awhile, while also using it as treats for him to love me more. I've tried other freeze-dried, raw-meat treats in the past and he never seemed to like them until I tried Herbsmith's... Thank you!

- Cassidy Schneider

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