Milk Thistle dog
I fed my cat Dexter both Microflora & Milk Thistle mixed in with his food for several weeks. My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, who often is sick because he dumpster dives while he is outside. I noticed that my cat didn't vomit as often. There was a time before these products when my cat would be sick two or more times a week and I would have to make him special meals to settle his tummy. Using these products, I saw a great change in how often he got sick. There were weeks when he wouldn't get sick at all. I really like these products and will continue to add them to my cat's diet!

- Jenna Gardepie
Milk Thistle dog
I wanted to try this product because our education department said it would be a good thing to have in your "first aid" or medicine cabinet in case your pet eats something he shouldn't. I had just received the product and, though my dog rarely eats things off the ground, he got into something and was not feeling well - kept trying to eat grass, throwing it up and loose stools. I sprinkled the recommended dosage on his food and it cleared the issue right up. Thanks Herbsmith!!

- Cindy Eddo
Milk Thistle dog
I started him Clear AllerQi and Milk Thistle at the same time, adding it into his breakfast and dinner. He gets spring pollen allergies. When I started him on the supplements, he was in the middle of a reaction with some minor hives - they cleared up within 2 weeks.

Also, about two weeks ago he rolled in freshly cut grass, which usually causes him to break out in hives that last for about a week. This time the hives where only half as bad and they went away in about 3 days. So far I'm very happy with these products and will definitely keep him on them. His allergies and sensitivities have always been a concern and I'm already seeing great results!

- Yadet Ayala
Jack the dog
I have been thinking about supplementing milk thistle into Jack's diet for a while so I was stoked when I discovered I had the chance to try it out! The main thing I was concerned about was that Jack was not going to like it. He is extremely picky and it is challenging to find supplements he will eat. The first day I took his food, added a little warm water with the milk thistle and his other supplements. He gobbled it up! He has eaten it everyday since then and I have not had any problems. Jack just turned 7 years old, so he is not a puppy anymore. I want to keep him as healthy as possible as he gets older. I have also noticed that since I added the milk thistle to his diet his tear stains seemed to have cleared up a bit. I know that silymarin (an active ingredient in milk thistle) is an antioxidant, so I believe this has contributed to that. Thanks Herbsmith!

- Devin Lavender
Milk Thistle dog
For the longest time I didn't know what allergy Louie had. I didn't know if it was food or environmentally related. I started giving him both the Clear Allerqi and the Milk Thistle to try to help him to stop itching and relieve his body. He was still itching the first couple weeks of using the product, but after that the product really kicked in and his itching was gone! I would definitely recommend this product, especially to those like me who don't know what allergy their dog may have. Thank you!

- Danielle Blake
Milk Thistle dog
My cat really liked the Milk Thistle and had no problem eating it on a variety of different foods. I have no clue whether this is coincidental, but her pee doesn't smell as bad anymore. I look forward to her annual blood panel results later this year. I will continue to use this product on my cat and now my dog as well.

- Matt Schaefer
Bella the dog
What I enjoyed most about the products was how easy it was to administer to my dog. When I first opened the Milk Thistle and Clear AllerQi, I was amazed at how nice the product looked and how you could pick out the specific ingredients in it. All I did was add the powders to my dog's food and she ate it with no fuss.

In terms of Bella's ears (she has yeast build up problems), I have noticed that she isn't shaking her head as much nor trying to scratch her ears.

- Donald Klein
Skeeter Bug
Skeeter Bug
My Doberman, Skeeter Bug, had an elevated ALT liver enzyme that was astronomical (1550, with the norm being around 118, depending on which lab you use). I began using Herbsmith's Milk Thistle product two days after receiving the blood test results. Two weeks later, her ALT was down to 444, and two weeks after that, down to 135. We do not know what caused the initial elevation, and the only thing I changed in her life was the addition of the Milk Thistle. I must conclude (with my vet's blessing) that the Milk Thistle is a lifesaver. I have learned that I can keep her on this product indefinitely, and will do so. I thoroughly and highly recommend this product if your canine is have liver issues. Thanks again for the help regarding how long I can use the Milk Thistle. My heart rests in knowing I am doing the best I can for my Bug!!

- Zena

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