Willie the Microflora dog
My dog sometimes has digestive issues, which could possibly be from feeding a partial raw diet as well as kibble at a later meal. Since we have incorporated the probiotic with her food, she seems to be digesting the food much better and has firm stools. Thank you!

- Josh Morales
Willie the Microflora dog
I fed my cat Dexter both Microflora & Milk Thistle mixed in with his food for several weeks. My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, who often is sick because he dumpster dives while he is outside. I noticed that my cat didn't vomit as often. There was a time before these products when my cat would be sick two or more times a week and I would have to make him special meals to settle his tummy. Using these products, I saw a great change in how often he got sick. There were weeks when he wouldn't get sick at all. I really like these products and will continue to add them to my cat's diet!

- Jenna Gardepie
Willie the Microflora dog
This product seemed to help reduce my cat's vomiting issues. I also began giving it to my dogs and it has helped both of them become more regular. Also, I believe my cats hairballs were somewhat reduced using this product.

- Victoria Askin
Willie the Microflora dog
I used Microflora by opening the capsule and mixing it in with Patron's food because he has had problems taking pills and capsules in the past. He has digestion problems, mostly a lot of stomach gurgles and gas with occasional vomiting. Since using this product, Patron has had minimal stomach sounds and gas after eating and has not vomited. He seems to have more energy.

- Shawn Hudson
Willie the Microflora dog
My dog has had runny/loose stool for years and upon giving him this product, his stool firmed up in the very first meal I fed him with the Microflora+. Ever since using it, he has been much better and if I don't put it on his food, I can tell the difference. It's a really great product!

- Jonathan Cruz
Willie the Microflora dog
My dog has so many food allergies it's practically impossible to find a decent food that wont upset his stomach. He gets diarrhea and bad gas extremely often. It's such a hassle to clean up. I've been through dozens of different food brands to find something that works. He became so unmotivated to eat, it was such a chore to get him to consume anything. I had all but given up and accepted my dog's issue as his normal.

After about a month of giving him Microflora just a few times a week, his stool has hardened and his gas is almost nonexistent. He is a bit more enthusiastic about eating as well. I think we will be lifelong customers and will recommend it constantly to those with similar issues.

- Tyler Franck
Winston & Ming
Winston & Ming
I noticed a decrease in vomit and hairballs on Microflora, which was awesome! Overall, very happy with the packaging, the pills and being able to only use a bit at a time while not needing to measure or use any tools to open.

- Lori Nelson
London the Dog
London seems to be doing better since starting Microflora. He does not seem to be as sensitive to his food and I believe it's also helped with controlling yeast.

- Raven Gillis
Willie the Microflora dog
I gave Apollo the Microflora with his first meal of the day and he ate it with no issues. His stool has been firm even when he gets into to the cat food. His gas has been much better and not as frequent. I am very happy with how Apollo has done on Microflora.

- Sarah Whitcomb
Willie the Microflora dog
Walter & Scout
I'm using Microflora since Walter had experienced some difficulty digesting during his transition through some new foods. When used it the first time, I sprinkled some of the powder in his wet food and he turned his nose up to it. I tried again a few times, making sure to mix it in better and he ate it. I have noticed no problems since. His stool has returned to normal, and his appetite seems to be better.

Thank you very much for these products! I will definitely continue to use them in the future!

- Scott Newlands
Willie the Microflora dog
Incredible product and one that I highly recommend for ongoing issues or those random days of tummy upset.

- Adrienne Allen
Willie the Microflora dog
Tyson's gas improved over the couple weeks I've been using the capsules, which was what I had hoped for because nothing I had tried before worked. This product really helped his digestion as well. For example, his pooping schedule was more regular, and his poops were not as soft. Thank you for your help!

- Yasmeen Sekander
Willie the Microflora dog
My dog liked the taste of it! My dog has been on Microflora less than a month, and I have already noticed he's having firmer stools and less gas than usual. I love it and my pup does too! I will definitely keeps using it!

- Paloma Santoyo
Willie the Microflora dog
My dog sometimes has digestive issues, which could possibly be from feeding a partial raw diet as well as kibble at a later meal. Since we have incorporated the Microflora with her food, she seems to be digesting the food much better, and has firm stools. Thank you for this product!

- Josh Morales
Bear the dog in a blue bow
Bear was having several digestive issues including loose stool/diarrhea and occasional vomiting. After putting him on the MicroFlora both issues cleared up within the first nine days. His stool has since stayed consistent and much better, and he hasn't been vomiting at all.

- Hayley Granata
Willie the Microflora dog
Penelope Nopay & Mr. Bob Dobbaleeba
I was transitioning to a new food for my two gatos. They usually do pretty well, but I didn't want to take any chances. Micro-flora helped them transition without a hitch. Thank you Herbsmith!

- Lisa Bien-Smario
Nash the dog
This digestion supplement is my go-to for major issues - it works wonders!

- Andrea Tyrrell
Willie the Microflora dog
Cheeto is a 1 year old Anatolian shepherd mix with a special talent - we call it her turbo boost when she jumps on the couch or bed, even when she gets into a good stretch she farts. I've been giving her the Microflora consistently and have noticed a difference she isn't popping off as much as she used to and her coat also appears to be softer as well. I love the Herbsmith product line and swear by Microflora. I also have a 3 year old bulldog and have been using Microflora with her as well and noticed that it took away the tear stains on her face in about two weeks!!!! Great product!

- Deana Castaneda
Willie the Microflora dog
I was really happy with the Microflora. Although it did not curb Finn's desire to eat grass, overall he actually gained some weight and he looks the best he ever has. (Weight has been an issue). He even seemed to eat better overall, so I think he has just been feeling better digestively. We will certainly continue using Microflora Plus from here on.

- Sarah Eylerts
cute puppy in a christmas sweater
Love, love, love Microflora Plus. Pluto's gas has virtually become nonexistent and his poops have become more stabilized and smaller. He is doing well on this product and I have started other products off Herbsmith's line just because of the success I have had with this one. Thank you.

- Juanesha Valdez
Willie the Microflora dog
Teak was having some problems with her stool which got soft. She is a performance dog that does allot of hunt tests and as a result, lots of water work (she is a retriever). She has a habit of drinking the water when she works and that's when her stools get soft. Taking the probiotic supplement has helped her getting her stool back on track.

- Bjarni Thorsteinsson
Willie the Microflora dog
I opted for Microflora Plus because of Kinai's major gas problem. Every day--no matter what food she'd eaten or if she'd gotten anything extra--she would always have huge, loud, stinky farts. She would sit down, and fart. Lay down, and fart. Go to sleep, and her farts would startle her awake. After just a few weeks of using this product, I haven't smelled anything foul from my dog. I still hear the occasional toot from her, but much quieter than before and without the smell.

Her stool is more consistent throughout the day, slightly firmer, and seems to be less often as well. The gas problem turned out better than I had hoped, because besides that occasional little fart I mentioned, there has been no disgusting smells or sounds coming from her!

- Brianna Alpers
Willie the Microflora dog
I have a Pitbull that has extreme sensitivities and gets loose stools very easily - I loved the Microflora Plus, it gets him regulated within 24 hours.

- Charlee Couto
Willie the Microflora dog
Whenever Mattie gets a stomach ache, the first thing he tends to do is eat grass or leaves from plants whenever we go on our daily walk. Once he would start eating grass, I gave him Microflora Plus and he stopped eating the grass and did not throw up after eating the grass which was a plus! 🙂

- Katrina Zee
Willie the Microflora dog
My dog has always had an issue with gas. Since I started giving her the Microflora Plus she is much less gassy. It seems to have helped settle her tummy more than anything else I have tried. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to try this great product. I definitely feel confident in recommending this to customers and co-workers.

- Teresa Davilla
We've had our French Bulldog 'Armand' on your Microflora Plus™ probiotic for just a few days now, and in just this short time, his bowels are already SO much better! Even within 24 hours of giving him the first dose, we noticed a marked improvement. He has the most sensitive stomach of any dog I've ever known, so we've been experimenting with various remedies over the past year that we've had him. Not only is the Microflora Plus™ working great, it is also very reasonably priced in comparison to other pet probiotics, and is easy to administer in capsule form. No messy powders or counter cluttering canisters to deal with. Unlike other probiotics we've researched that are not always available in stores or through reputable websites, we are easily able to purchase your line of products at a locally owned pet store down the street. We are so thankful to have found your product and to have such a great solution for Armand's stomach issues!

- Emily
My 10 year old JRT, Bandit, started suffering from pancreatitis about 18 months ago. He has had 3 incidents and each time I made a dietary change and although he is now on a low fat and fairly ideal diet, I couldn't figure out caused his most recent flare up. I decided that the best thing I can do is help to make his digestive tract healthier overall and Herbsmith™ Microflora Plus™ was highly recommended to me by a couple of friends. Bandit has now been on the probiotics for a few weeks and is doing great! His digestion is good, consistent and he is back to his usual happy and energetic self. Thank you!

- Andrea

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