Brown Horse with a bridle
“Your care has his coat shining like a newly minted copper penny! I know that the Chinese herbs you prescribed for him have made the difference in his willingness now to be groomed as well as the super quality of his coat. I wish all horses could be on Chinese herbs. I sincerely believe they have a dramatic effect on not only the appearance of my horse but his overall attitude towards life. He is so much happier. Thanks so much for introducing us to Chinese herbs. Willie will remain on them the rest of his life.”

- Karen
“I use Herbsmith's™ Equine Herbal Blends 'Athlete' and 'Impulsion with Vitality.' I find that these products help my top competition horses with keeping their energy levels up and also their stress levels down. I feel like it helps give them that extra edge in the ring the natural way, without chemicals.”

- Endel
Brown Horse with a bridle
“Herbsmith® Impulsion with Vitality really helps to keep Rhythm's legs healthy with his busy show schedule. I know it helps him look and feel his best. Thank you Herbsmith®!”

- Andrea

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