Brown Horse with a bridle
“Beamer is a 9 year old quarter horse gelding. Beamer has been on Herbsmith Impulsion with Composure for the past year. The improvements were seen immediately. We have noticed great improvement with our horses ability to focus on his work, an increased attention span, an increased calmness, and he is not as sensitive to the irritation of bugs. His movement is now wonderful and we love his new demeanor. We put the herbs in his grain and he eats them with no problem. We would highly suggest the use of these herbs.”

- Tracey
Brown Horse with a bridle
Taeke V
“We use several of your herbs and they have done wonders for our Grand Prix Friesian gelding, Taeke V, even better than Adequan and Legend combined, which he no longer needed after being on your supplements. The Impulsion with Composure changed Taeke for the better. Taeke was a really nervous and stressed horse and your Herbs have made a dramatic difference in keeping him relaxed and ready to focus on his job. I am a believer in natural nutrition and we want Taeke to have the very best care, which we believe your supplements provide. Taekes owner and trainer (and my husband) Leif Aho rides under the tutelage of Olympic hopeful, Heather Blitz and with her coaching she has helped Leif and Taeke qualify for the USEF national Brentina Cup. Taeke will be the first Friesian to compete in the Brentina Cup and one of the very few Friesians trained to the Grand Prix. Leif has brought Taeke from showing 3rd level at the end of 2010 to competing and winning in the I-1 and I-2 this year. Leif and Taeke will be making their Grand Prix (young rider) debut at the Brentina Cup championships and setting his sights on competing in CDI's next season in Wellington and aiming towards the 2014 WEG if all goes well. We are looking for people to partner with us and would love for you to be a part of our team and would like to help represent your products. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming part of our team. Thank you!”

- Marissa Aho
“I bought an eight-year-old green broke mare that had nice gaits, but was a bit on the hot side. She wasn't really naughty, it was just hard to keep her attention, which made progressing her training difficult. I decided to try her on Impulsion with Composure. Not only did she start to focus, but she now has even better movement than I thought!”

- Erinn, Team Herbsmith
“Just before Thermal this year, I started feeding Impulsion with Composure to a Dutch mare I got late last year with a lot of blood. She is by Chin Chin so comes by it naturally! Now she seems to come out more focused and manageable in the heat of the moment. She doesn't have a ton of experience yet, so anything I can do to keep her mind on the job is important. I feel that supporting her with the herbs so she can settle in better and do her job jumping clean more easily. We hoped to catch up with the other eight year olds by year's end - we did that!”

- Kelly, Team Herbsmith

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