Sika is an American Eskimo therapy dog. She travels to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes to brighten people’s day. When she began symptoms of allergies at an early age we put her on alternative treatment right away. She was placed on Chinese herbs and we saw results immediately. Within 6 weeks she had no symptoms at all. Sika’s job is to make people happy so we keep her happy with Chinese Herbs.

- Ginny
Kolean family
The Koleans
We have worked together with Dr. Bessent for nine years making our Dachshunds healthier and enabling them to live longer lives. As a family, we enjoy running our Dachshunds in Teacup Agility. Dr. Bessent helps them run their best with chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and Herbsmith herbal blends. We have used Herbsmith herbal blends for allergy relief, aggression, and anxiety in some of our Dachshunds with excellent results. Our family especially appreciates that Herbsmith herbs are a natural way to treat our pets with no side effects or adverse environmental impacts. Thanks so much for all you do for our canine family, Dr. Bessent!

- Chad, Teresa, Lauren, & Grant

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