Sir the Comfort Aches dog
I've used this product for a couple weeks now and I've seen some improvements. Normally Monster will walk around with a stiffness in her back legs, doesn't do very big jumps like the other cats in the house, and gets grouchy when my younger cat wants to play with her. Now she plays, runs around the house and is getting along better with the others in general.

- Deidra Bredahl
Sir the Comfort Aches dog
Kuma has been taking Comfort Ache for about 2 months. I purchased 3 bottles since I'm using it long term. I've noticed his mobility has increased from last year. He was slowing down during his regular evening walks before I started using the product and now he's finishing his walk without showing signs of discomfort. I'm very pleased with Comfort Ache as I was looking to find an over the counter means to give him some relief and there isn't much to choose from that didn't have an adverse side effect. I've also been using the Milk Thistle supplement as it is a good overall product that compliments other Herbsmith supplements.

- Meme Oh
Sir the Comfort Aches dog
Cosmo & Koda
The Comfort Aches pills are a miracle. I had taken my dogs to the beach multiple times in one week and usually the two of them are limping for a few days after even if they are only out for a short while. I only give them a pill of Comfort Aches when they seem to be hurting and it has worked wonders. Not only do they not limp, but they are energetic and ready to exercise more the next day. I am sure I will continue to purchase the Comfort Aches since they do seem to be alleviating my dogs' pain.

- Jordan Chock
Sir the Comfort Aches dog
“Alaska has very bad arthritis, and I have tried all sorts of medication from pills to powders to food with extra glucosamine and chondroitin with varied but minimal results. Alaska was doing very poorly while at the store because of the recent drop in temperature, so we gave her two Herbsmith® Comfort Aches™ tablets. An hour later I took her outside to potty and Alaska was running and jumping around in the snow like a puppy! She kept the energy and mobility all day and into the night, and we gave her the tablets at about 11:30 a.m. It works great and I'm going to start using Herbsmith® Soothe Joints™. I can't wait to tell my customers all about it!”

- Debbie
Sir the Comfort Aches dog
Anonymous Customer
“She has used the Comfort Aches™ on her own dog and has had excellent results. She actually took her dog off of the Rx pain reliever because he was so out of it and not getting that much pain relief and the Comfort Aches™ worked in 20 minutes with no grogginess. She was thrilled and plans to bring it in – perhaps the full line.”

- Kelly (A sales rep in CO)
“I just want to thank you for creating such an amazing product! I started my 10-year-old Maltese on your Comfort Aches™. Before, he could only walk 1 block before experiencing discomfort. Tonight, he walked 1 ½ miles!!! I still can’t believe it - and he’s been on the supplement for only about a month!”

- Rebecca, The Philly Dog

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