Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
I started him Clear AllerQi and Milk Thistle at the same time, adding it into his breakfast and dinner. He gets spring pollen allergies. When I started him on the supplements, he was in the middle of a reaction with some minor hives - they cleared up within 2 weeks.

Also, about two weeks ago he rolled in freshly cut grass, which usually causes him to break out in hives that last for about a week. This time the hives where only half as bad and they went away in about 3 days. So far I'm very happy with the products and will definitely keep him on them. His allergies and sensitivities have always been a concern and I'm already seeing great results!

- Yadet Ayala
Cute Puppy
Ziggy has been taking the suggested dosage of Clear AllerQi for approximately 30 days now. Prior to using it, he was constantly licking and nibbling on his paws and scratching himself. Ziggy loves a good itch, but things had escalated in the past few months and we believed it was due to the weather being much drier and other environmental issues.

It took approximately 2 weeks for us to see any change in his condition. After the initial few weeks he started to improve and we saw a lot less licking of the paws. We intend to keep him on this product long term to hopefully see even more improvement with his allergies. Ziggy says "thank you"!

- Jean Flannery
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
I'm using AllerQi for my dog's excessive eye gunk. I was having to clean his eyes ~4-5 times per day, each time with a substantial amount of yuckiness. I am currently feeding him mostly Tucker's Raw and Lotus Kibble. I have been using the Herbsmith products, according to the feeding guidelines, for about 3 weeks now and the eye gunk has noticeably decreased. I still have to clean his eyes out (especially in the morning) but now I only have to clean ~1-2 times per day. I saw no change in breath, stool consistency, itching, or other side effects from these products. Thank you Herbsmith!

- Brandon Hayashi
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
For the longest time I didn't know what allergy Louie had. I didn't know if it was food or environmentally related. I started giving him both the Clear Allerqi and the Milk Thistle to try to help him to stop itching and relieve his body. He was still itching the first couple weeks of using the product, but after that the product really kicked in and his itching was gone! I would definitely recommend this product, especially to those like me who don't know what allergy their dog may have. Thank you!

- Danielle Blake
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
Within the first week Lizzi was still itching but it had gone down a bit, and there was no loose stool. She had no problem eating the supplements when mixed with wet food. As of today, Lizzi's itching is almost to a stop, and I don't see her rubbing against the couch going crazy from her allergies. The measuring scoop was easy to use, and the product didn't have a weird smell (has prevented me from using other supplements). It was pretty easy and convenient.

- Tiffany Deleon
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
Angus has always suffered from environmental allergies. His eyes get goopy and runny. This product has lessened his runny eyes and he has very little goop. Happy with the results.

- Kathy Adams
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
Bizzy & Bailey
My dogs actually loved the supplements which was interesting - it seemed like they enjoyed their food more with them mixed in. As far as changes go, so far I've seen a slight change in Bizzy's general outdoor allergy reaction. She doesn't seem to be itching quite as much after coming back from her walks, and has yet to begin chewing her back fur off (which usually happens around this time).

Bailey has had a pleasant change that was easily noticeable. She has stopped licking her paws after we come back from her walks (our usual tell that something has been bothering her in the environment). That's what I've noticed so far, I cant wait to see how they do as we continue to use it. Hopefully it can completely curb the seasonal chewing and itching so Bizzy can enjoy the summer comfortably.

Also - funny little story - usually our dogs are fed rehydrated raw but for a few days they went on a dog kibble diet, and when I mixed their supplements in they actually ended up just licking off the supplements and leaving the kibble in the bowl... so they have to taste pretty good.

- Tassi McOwien
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
My cat, BamBam, suffers from eye allergies so I have been giving Clear AllerQi to him. He definitely tastes it and eats slower, but will consume his food. It has been about two weeks and I definitely see a reduction in the discharge from his eyes.

-Amy Vargas
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
Chance has fewer bumps from allergies. He's clearing up!! Clear AllerQi seems to be working. Thank you so much!

- Darla Vanschuyver
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
I use both the Clear Allerqi and Milk Thistle for my dog, Cody, a flat coated retriever who suffers from really bad seasonal allergies. He gets ear infections regularly, scratches a lot and licks his paws the point he looses the hair. While initially using the products I noticed a slight improvement, he did not scratch as much as he normally does and did not lick his paws as much either. In the beginning I added the products, which are a powder, to his food as is but noticed it was too much powder so I started to mix it with a little bit of water first and then added his dry food which made it easier for him to eat. Overall, I am really happy with the products and plan to continue to use the AllerQi with him.

- Naomi Flory
Babz the dog
I am using Clear AllerQi for Baby's seasonal/environmental allergies, which has helped reduce redness and inflammation on her skin and especially the belly. It certainly doesn't have any drowsy-ing effects (at least on Baby) which is good since I don't just want to make her lethargic. The product comes with the measuring spoon which makes it very easy to prepare with the meal. If I had to use my own kitchen measuring spoons, I know it would be hard for me to keep up the routine of using the product daily, so the measuring spoon is a big plus.

- Chandler Byrd
Bella the dog
What I enjoyed most about the products was how easy it was to administer to my dog. When I first opened the Milk Thistle and Clear AllerQi, I was amazed at how nice the product looked and how you could pick out the specific ingredients in it. All I did was add the powders to my dog's food and she ate it with no fuss.

In terms of Bella's ears (she has yeast build up problems), I have noticed that she isn't shaking her head as much nor trying to scratch her ears.

- Donald Klein
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
My dog Mona has been on Clear Aller-Qi for about 4 months. After just one month of using the product, her allergies improved! Her nails and paws used to be stained red from licking and red yeast. Her nails are now the clear white they should be, and her paws are stain free! While she still does itch some (her allergies are really horrible), it is at a tolerable enough level that she has been able to get off Prednisone!!! She is much happier and more active now that she's off Prednisone. Aller-qi has worked miracles for her. I never thought I would be able to get her off pharmaceuticals.  

- Maggie Cassell
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
Stella had red itchy patches on her belly and legs that almost looked like lesions. Herbsmith suggested Clear AllerQi & Milk Thistle. Its been more than 3 weeks of daily use (as directed) and the change is amazing. Stella has had periods of clear skin after antibiotics or steroids but symptoms always reappeared within a week. She has been free of any other medication for almost 2 months - so she so had active symptoms as we started the Herbsmith product.

As you can see from the pictures her belly and chest are clear and all hot spots are gone. In the picture of her belly you can see lots of longish white hair - until now we didn't know she had hair on her belly! We thought she was just one of those dogs who had a fine down. We are so happy with these products and will continue to use them.

Photo 1 | Photo 2

1) Used 2x a day as directed - powder and pill made it easy
2) Monitored daily for any reaction - didn't notice hair growth until yesterday!
3) Gratitude

- Kathy Bretz
Eisa the Clear AllerQi dog
“I can't begin to tell you how much the Chinese herbs have helped relieve my Wheaton Terrier, Libby, of her constant itching and chewing because of allergies. Before I adopted her from the Humane Society at the age of 9 months, she had been adopted and returned twice because the people that had adopted her could not deal with her allergies. I had her tested and the tests came back off the charts: dust mites, mold and flea saliva (three very common things in Florida). The bright side was that I now knew she was not allergic to any foods or grasses, trees and plants.

It took a couple of months before the herbs took effect but she had been on them for several years now and she sleeps through the night with no more bouts of inflammation or itchy skin. Before I started her on the herbs she was getting allergy shots every 3 or 4 weeks and getting probably around 8 or 10 Benadryl capsules per day. She no longer gets the shots or the Benadryl and she no longer has any allergy symptoms. Thank you so much from both Libby and me.”

- Nancy
“I struggled through two long summers with Stanley’s allergies. The itching was so bad that he scratched his sides until they were completely raw. During that time, I tried various traditional pharmaceuticals that were either ineffective or that caused intolerable side effects. Last summer I was introduced to a holistic approach with Herbsmith® Clear AllerQi™. I can now approach allergy season with much less anxiety about Stanley’s well-being.”

- Nancy
“My pet Zip had been plagued with skin sores for the past 6 years. He has had test after test, different foods, no treats, many many antibiotics, and even custom allergy shots for a whole year. They would clear up for about a month or two, only to come right back. At times his sores would get as big as a fifty cent piece, he would loose all his hair around it, & ooze something yucky, then scab up, only to get another one right next to it. We were told he is allergic to grasses, trees, basically the natural environment. I didn't want to take the outdoors away from him, so he lived on antibiotics for years. I researched natural products and was impressed with Herbsmith® so decided to give it a try. We started him on Clear AllerQi™ and within 2 months we saw a difference in his skin. All his sores cleared up and he hasn't had any sores since. Herbsmith® has great products - finally something that helps without all the chemicals and side effects.”

- Colleen
“Alright. I admit I was a bit skeptical. I tried all kinds of products to help my dog’s allergies and wasn’t pleased with any of the results. She was still rubbing her eyes raw, sneezing all the time and had drainage from both eyes. I started my dog on the Clear AllerQi™ Saturday evening. She has been on the herbs for four days and I cannot believe the progress in such a short period of time! I am definitely a believer!”

- Rachel
“Your Clear AllerQi™ is awesome. We adopted a boston terrier 2 years ago, she was miserable with constant itching, spinning in circles to itch her sides, anal glands that needed expressing about everyday. Ingrown tail that caused lots of itching. She was lifeless, never would play, just wanted to sleep when she wasn't itching or biting herself. I tried every expensive shampoo, pill, spray, ointment on the market, I spent a lot of money and nothing worked.

In March I started Megan on Herbsmith® Clear AllerQi™. It took at least 2 bottles before I started seeing a difference. The difference is amazing, she still itches occasionally, but the constant itching has stopped. Her anal glands are not bothering her. She is as playful as a puppy now, and is always starting play with our other boston terrier. She doesn't have any teeth left (she's 10 years old) so I crush her Clear AllerQi™ and mix it in her food. I wish I had tried your product first. It would of saved me lots of money, and Megan lots of misery. I'm hoping this letter will help anyone who is having the same problem, and can't find anything that works. Thanks for such a wonderful product!”

- Norma

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