Pepper Jack: Herbsmith Calm Shen testimonial
I want to let you know how much your Calm Shen product is helping my PepperJack who has generalized anxiety. Xanax and Prozac were not only ineffective for PepperJack, but they actually exacerbated the problem. Although he had only been taking Calm Shen a couple of weeks when the onslaught of the July 4th fireworks began, he got through it all in excellent shape and continues to feel much more relaxed all the time.  He also seems to recover more quickly when there is a passing thunderstorm or something else upsets him. Seeing him be more comfortable makes me more comfortable too! I am extremely grateful for Herbsmith’s Calm Shen product.

- Kandi Parsons and PepperJack
Spur the Calm Shen dog
This product worked great! Before, Charlie would drool all over the place on car rides and pace in the back seat while I was driving. After about two weeks of using Calm Shen, we took him for a car ride and he laid down and fell asleep, with no drooling or pacing the entire ride. I truly believe in this product. It does take some time as it is said on the package, but after about a week or week and a half it works great.

- Joe Kernan
Spur the Calm Shen dog
Before I started using Calm Shen, I had tried many calming aids and none worked. Loki would always bark when I brought him to work and he was overly excited all the time. After using Calm Shen, I have noticed some changes. Loki does not bark as much as he used to when left in the warehouse while I work, he stopped pulling on the leash, and even became more attentive and willing to listen. I plan to continue using Calm Shen.

- Kaitlyn Higginbottom
Kimo the dog
I chose this product for Kimo due to his low level anxiety (Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix) which has him sensitive to loud and sharp noises. We have a 5 1/2 year old boy and have just welcomed a second boy on Mother's Day - so our in-home environment can be a bit boisterous. Currently eating a freeze-dried raw for one of his meals, adding this product to his daily feeding routine was very easy and he had no reservations to the addition, and no adverse digestive reaction.

His over-all demeanor has remained the same, and while I was not expecting a drastic change to his behavior, I have noticed him to be a bit more tolerant and not as likely to flee the area for cover when things get a bit rambunctious. I will continue to use Calm Shen and recommend it as an option to our customers.

- James Fujimoto Dilger
Spur the Calm Shen dog
I adopted a new cat in December who is rather rambunctious and can be very aggressive with my other cat. He also is also fairly destructive and an escape artist so I was looking for something to take the edge off all his wildness. Using the Calm Shen consistently for 10 days I definitely saw a subtle but still significant change in behavior. Maurice was a much more manageable cat. Since I was giving it to both of my cats, Baloo, my other cat, did less begging to get outside. When I lapsed in the delivery of the supplement their troublesome qualities returned. I like the powder over the tablets, it's really convenient to apply to wet, or in my case rehydrated freeze dried raw, food.

- Anna Green
Spur the Calm Shen dog
I have only been using Calm Shen for about a month now, and it seems to work so far. My boy Ace is doing better with his skittishness and seems to be getting more comfortable with new people after using the product. He still barks like crazy every time he hears or sees my dad but with other people out in the street he does much better.

- Kathalyn Dominguez
Spur the Calm Shen dog
Lindsey recommended that I try introducing the Calm Shen product gradually. I did, and had much more success with my cats eating the food/additive combo. I've been slowly introducing the supplement into their diet, but have yet to use the full dose (though I imagine they'll be ready for it by the end of the week). From my observation, Malcolm's anxiety level has shown a significant, albeit subtle, improvement. He is more vocal, more playful, and more affectionate.

- Michael O'Brien
Spur the Calm Shen dog
Gizmo has since shown less signs of anxiety, less pacing (around 40% as much as he used to), a little more confidence in new surroundings (tied in with a training program). He also does not bark as much as he used to, if he hears a weird noise now, he will alert bark a few times and settle down after looking to the other dogs and to whoever is around. He still shakes a bit but it's nowhere as extreme as it used to be.

- Stephanie Tu
Spur the Calm Shen dog
The product worked amazing! I couldn't be any happier. We went on a long road trip to LA and sometimes Athena can be very stressed in the car if I've been driving for too long. I gave a little before we went on our road trip, and whenever we made stops a would give her a tiny bit more. She did amaze on the drive to LA and was calm in our hotel. I love the Calm Shen it really did help my dog relax in uncomfortable situations.

- Jocelyn Apaiz
Babz the dog
I started using Calm Shen a few weeks ago. There was no impact on her digestion, such as upset stomach or loose stool. I started with half the recommended amount and went up to the full amount in 3 days. The product does seem like it could have a bitter or otherwise noticeable taste, but Baby did not give it a second thought when it is mixed in her food (and she is a picky eater!).

I noticed after a couple weeks that Baby's anxious chewing had reduced. She normally will chew on herself when she is separated, or even if she thinks we are going to leave her alone. I noticed the wet chew spots less frequently and she is growing fur back in the couple areas that she was balding herself.

- Chandler Byrd
Elmer the dog
I cant say that he product has removed Elmer's distress completely (uncontrollable shaking and panting due to loud noises or fireworks) however, the recovery time from the onset of the distress has been greatly reduced. I will continue to use this product.

- Vance Goldsmith

Since this testimonial, Herbsmith has released July Third™ which is formulated to help dogs maintain a normal, content, and relaxed disposition in times of environmental stress or disruptions to daily routine (as opposed to the long-term, cumulative calmness Calm Shen® provides).
Spur the Calm Shen dog
"Bailey is a lab and Australian Shepherd mix who is very intelligent and very high strung. When I come downstairs in the morning, she jumps all over the furniture and when people come over, she stands up on her hind legs or hides in the bathroom. Her behavior got so bad that we almost had to get rid of her. But then we decided to try Herbsmith® Calm Shen™. I love that the Herbsmith® herbs are all-natural. Bailey has been calm and easy-going. She's the same dog, but the edge is gone."

- Sandy

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