Cute Dachsund
I've been giving this product to my eight year old dachshund mix, Zep. The product suggests using the product for a month to see results. It hasn't been quite a month yet, but there haven't been any UTI's during this time. The biggest change I have seen is that he is peeing a lot more frequently. This could be from his system being flushed out. It has mellowed out from the first few weeks.

The product is easy to use and administer. Hopefully it continues to work!

- Daniel Korth
Liam the Bladder Care dog
Leo DiCatrio and Purcy Jackson
I decided to use the Bladder Care product to use as a preventative/maintenance product as I had a cat die from complications of a urinary tract disease. Although the veterinarian’s diagnosis was inconclusive, my cat’s behavior was indicative of FLUTD and I never want to see another animal suffer from this heart breaking condition.

I introduced my two cats to the Bladder Care powder adding 1/8 tsp. once a day, rather than the recommended dosage of 1/4 tsp. twice a day, to allow them to slowly acclimate to the altered taste of their food (if any). After three days, they were still eating well and did not experience digestive issues so I increased the 1/8 tsp. to twice a day for the following four days. We are now using the recommended 1/4 tsp. mixed in their canned food two times a day.

Since I am using the Bladder Care as a preventative measure rather than trying to correct a medical condition, I cannot show that there has been a change in their overall health, however, since starting the Bladder Care, litmus strips are consistently showing an acidic pH level.

- Suzanne Goodwin
Maneeh the dog
Manee's urine smell has gone to almost none. He is currently also taking Milk Thistle. I have noticed that his energy level has increased a lot. Manee is 16 years old and will continue to enjoy your products.

- Georgina Hernandez
Liam the Bladder Care dog
The tips that Herbsmith provides as far as feeding instructions are awesome. I mix the Bladder Care powder in with Max's canned food every morning and he eats it no problem. So far I have noticed less-smelly urine and poop. I will be sure to continue to use this product. Herbsmith has really impressed me as a company. A+

- Jennifer Zepeda
Liam the Bladder Care dog

We slowly added Bladder Care to Loki's food it in over a few days so she could adjust to the flavor. Loki did not mind when I added this into her rehydrated food, but if I was feeding kibble that meal and only added water to mix it in she wasn't too happy about the taste. So I had to start mixing in canned for or something else to help hide the taste but we made it work.

I was really hoping to get her urine tested at the vet before giving feedback so we could see how effective this was at preventing her reoccurring E. coli bladder infections. We are happy to report that Loki has not shown any indications that she has a UTI again, so we have not been back to the vet yet. Yay! Also, we are using Herbsmith Milk Thistle (we started this before the Bladder Care) and it seems to be helping to manage some of Loki's symptoms from Cushing's disease. She is not as thirsty, hot, and hungry as she was before the Herbsmith supplements. This is great for us since Loki is not a good candidate for medications due to her advanced age (15!).

Thank you so much for turning us on to this supplement. It really seems to be helping Loki and we will continue to use these.

- Louise Taylor
I started giving my UTI infection-prone and bladder infection-prone canine darling your Bladder Care supplement a few months ago, and am beyond pleased. He would get infections on a regular basis, so my vet put him on a certain commonly-sold-by-vets food that's supposed to help with that. (Hint: It rhymes with "silence riot". lol) Admittedly, it did bring the infections to an end, but I would rather not have my dog eating that particular food. There's a lot of information out there pro and con regarding that brand, and I've tried to educate myself as much as possible. I'm not a scientist, so it comes down to an opinion; my opinion is I'd rather avoid having him eat that food if possible.

There are a lot of alternative foods out there, but what to do about the infection-prone problem? Thankfully, I found your Bladder Care product. I have been feeding this to him twice daily as a supplement per your guidelines with his new, non-"silence riot" food, and there have been no new infections! Knock on wood, of course. He's a bit of a picky eater, and doesn't mind the taste of the supplement at all. I would never want any dog to suffer these infections, but especially not this little guy. He was an abused rescue dog, and has two permanently broken legs as a result of abuse. (I have to believe karma will get whoever did this to him.) He gets around well enough and is a very happy dog now that he's in a loving home, but he is likely in some degree of discomfort whenever he's moving. The last thing he needs is to suffer from something else, so I'm extra thankful for your product.

- Andrea

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