He’s just bored!

We’ve been there… You come home from a long day of work, ready to pop your feet up and relax with your pooch. As you crack open the door, your heart almost falls out your butt…  Stuffing. Everywhere.  Three pairs of shoes in pieces.  Carpet fibers sprinkled about like confetti.  … Read More

Supporting Joint Health

Humans and animals alike all deal with joint discomfort. It’s a common musculoskeletal issue that can result from a lack of necessary nutrients or from fierce & frequent play. Proper joint care can be key to an animal’s long-term well-being. Caring for your dog’s or cat’s body is a matter of … Read More

The Two Commands Your Dog Should Know

Dogs are curious in nature and are eager to learn. Much like a child, a disciplined and well-mannered dog is a healthy dog! Training can stimulate a dog’s brain and challenge him mentally. It also encourages good behavior rather than punishing negative behavior, and is a great way for you … Read More

It’s wise to socialize

When you think of pet training, you probably think of things like potty-training, crate-training, and verbal commands. However, training takes on so much more than just that – training means helping your dog become a “well-rounded” member of society. It’s not simply owning a dog who doesn’t pee on the carpet … Read More

10 Really Impressive Dog Tricks

For training inspiration during National Train Your Dog Month, we’ve compiled a neat list of the coolest and most impressive tricks we’ve ever seen a dog do. Enjoy!   1. This dog who can maneuver cones on two legs. On his two front legs: 2. Or this dog who can … Read More

Teeth-Brushing 101

Sometimes keeping your dog in line with good pet hygiene practices can be a daunting task. “When do I know that this pile of fluff needs a flea & tick bath? Should I cut or grind those long nails? How often am I supposed to brush those canines?” Trying to … Read More

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