Supporting Joint Health

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Humans and animals alike all deal with joint discomfort. It’s a common musculoskeletal issue that can result from a lack of necessary nutrients or from fierce & frequent play. Proper joint care can be key to an animal’s long-term well-being. … Continued

It’s wise to socialize

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When you think of pet training, you probably think of things like potty-training, crate-training, and verbal commands. However, training takes on so much more than just that – training means helping your dog become a “well-rounded” member of society. It’s not … Continued

10 Really Impressive Dog Tricks

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For training inspiration during National Train Your Dog Month, we’ve compiled a neat list of the coolest and most impressive tricks we’ve ever seen a dog do. Enjoy! 1. This dog who can maneuver cones on two legs. On his … Continued

Teeth-Brushing 101

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Sometimes keeping your dog in line with good pet hygiene practices can be a daunting task. “When do I know that this pile of fluff needs a flea & tick bath? Should I cut or grind those long nails? How … Continued