Cha Cha
Cha Cha
“I wanted to share with you the great success I had with our 30 year old Arab mare. She's a tough old girl, hard to keep weight on and has a pretty serious heart murmur. She had abscesses in her front feet.... our vet who saw her felt she may have foundered as well and said let's just keep her as comfy as possible. Giving her bute 2x day for a week. I decided to give the Herbsmith™ Trauma powder a try. I truly believe that it helped ChaCha - she has been running again and obviously feeling much better.”

- Carla
“This past Fall I had a young horse have an extremely violent trailer accident. He had severe lacerations that required stitches and was banged up from head to toe. Bute was not an option for his pain and inflammation so I put him on Herbsmiths Acute Trauma with amazing results. He should have been crippled from his incident. Instead he had very little swelling where he should have been blown up and he had almost no pain or stiffness.”

- Leslie,Team Herbsmith
Brown Horse with a bridle
“My horse became very lame after standing on the frozen ground in her paddock. She was walking gingerly and seemed very uncomfortable when I brought her into her stall. That night I decided to give her Herbsmith Acute Trauma instead of bute. To my amazement, she was sound and walking comfortably the very next day.”

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