Debunking Milk Thistle Dosages

Photo by @theboxerandthebear Steve the dog loves rolling in the grass- scratching his back, then his chin, not forgetting a onceover on the booty. He’s just busy being adorable and you’re sighing because you know Steve is an allergy sufferer. When seasons change, there’s an influx of pollens, grasses and … Read More

A Simple Solve for Pets with Sensitive Stomachs

Photo by @nemoccr A Simple Solve for Pets with Sensitive Stomachs When your dog vomits and laps it up again or your cat has diarrhea but seems fine you brush it off as a (gross) fluke. Nine times out of ten you’d be right because pets get sick too. When … Read More

Scooter’s Butt Bars

Scooter’s Butt Bar Anal Gland and Bowel Support for Dogs and Cats Take me straight to: Ingredients & Directions for Use  |  Relevant Blogs What’s It Good For? Anal Sac Issues Soft Stool / Diarrhea Scooting Bowel Issues Source of Fiber Scooting, soft stool, and intermittent diarrhea in dogs can be … Read More

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