11 Smooches From Your Fluffy Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day! The mushy-gushy holiday full of flowers, chocolates, and kisses for some (and lots and lots of wine for others ?). Whatever our relationship status today, we can all relish in the sweet, sweet love of our fluffy friends. They put up with our crap, listen to our complaints, keep our secrets, snuggle us, play with us, and smooch us! They are our loyal companions and number one fans. Give them a little extra love today, because they give us so much love every day of the year. Here are 11 dog smooches we can relate to:


1. The “I can’t stay mad at you” smooch


2. The “brush your teeth first” smooch.


3. The “let’s reenact this iconic movie scene” smooch.


4. The “here, I’ll help you clean your head” smooch. (Maybe this one’s not quite as relatable) 


5. The “not in front of your family” (almost) smooch.


6. The “awkward first date” smooch


7. The “I’m running late, have a good day, gotta gooooooooo” smooch. (AKA “The Drive-By Smooch” AKA “The Smooch & Run”)


8. The “suck up to mom so we can get what we want smooch but she’s not going for it” smooch.


9. The “this isn’t as romantic as you’re thinking it is” smooch.


10. The “you should know that I’m mad at you, I don’t care if it’s petty” (non)smooch. 


11. The “best friends” smooch.

All GIFs courtesy of Giphy.com


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