her looks caught your attention but her personality caught your heart blog post

Her looks caught your attention, but her personality caught your heart

her looks caught your attention but her personality caught your heart blog post

Like humans, animals each have their own unique personalities. As any multi-pet owner would tell you, each of their animal’s act and react very differently from each other.

According to Chinese theory, a dog’s personality traits stem from one of the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). From a holistic standpoint, each element has specific solid and hollow organs associated with it, typically to accent the yin and yang of each element. For example, water is associated with the kidney (a solid organ) and the bladder (a hollow organ). Holistic veterinarians believe each living being has a certain set of personality traits that match with each element. The type of element associated with each dog correlates with its disharmonies.

The 5 Elements Theory: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood


 Earth Dogs tend to be kind, loving, and nurturing. Typically, this would be a Collie or Golden Retriever. They are the easy keepers and the mother of the world. The emotional disharmonies associated with Earth dogs are worry and obsession.


Metal Dogs, such as German Shepherds, are duty bound. They see the world in right vs. wrong and believe in honesty and personal space. Their emotional disharmony is grief.


Water Dogs are independent and sneaky. These are the typical garbage-divers. They wait for their owner to leave for work and then make a mess of the house. Their emotional disharmony is fear.


Wood Dogs are athletic, lean, and muscular. They thrive on the adrenaline rush of moving. Their emotional disharmony is anger and irritability.


Fire Dogs are emotional and easily excited. Once they get excited, it is difficult for them to settle back down. Typically, Blue Heelers and Australian Shepherds fit under this persona.

It’s important to remember that any breed can fall under any of the elements, and it is possible for a dog to share characteristics from more than one element.

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